20 Tips to Make Leisure Travel More Relaxing

By Michael Schad | Guest Blogger

As a frequent traveler, I have learned a few tips that make traveling easier. In this article, you will find a list of uncomplicated, easy-to-understand traveling tips that will make any trip easier on you..

1. Make your luggage stand out. This can be done by tying a strip of fabric around your luggage handle. Be sure to use a brightly colored piece of fabric so that you can spot it easily and quickly.

2. Instead of his and hers suitcases, split each person's clothes in half and pack two suitcases that contain clothes for both of you. This way, if a piece of luggage is lost, no one is left with nothing to wear.

3. Make sure you have cloud-based email. If you don't have an email account, set up a free one.

4. Before you leave for your trip, take pictures of all your important documents and credit cards and then email the pictures to your email account. This ensures that you can still access your important information if anything is lost or stolen. Documents that you should take pictures of include your:

-Passport and driver's license
-Trip itinerary, including the name of your hotel
-Luggage claim checks
-Credit cards that you are taking on the trip with you (both front and back).

5. If you are traveling out of the country, make sure to carry extra passport-size photos with you. This will help you get another passport quickly if yours is lost or stolen.

6. In addition to your cell phone, laptop and computer, make sure to pack the proper chargers for those devices. If you are traveling somewhere that only has two-prong electrical outlets, you will also need the right adapter.

7. Buy or borrow a universal adapter that will work for all electronics. To make sure that it will work for your hair dryer or curling iron, make sure it is a power converter as well.

8. Don't overload your wallet with credit cards that you won't use. This means you can leave your store credit cards, discount cards and Social Security card at home.

9. Make sure to call your bank and credit card companies to notify them of your trip. Failure to do this may lead to the card issuers declining your cards as a precaution. A simple call lets them note your trip and expected locations.

10. Don't rely on just one credit card for your whole trip; take at least two. Leave one card in the hotel safe and use the other. This way if you lose one, you will have a backup.

11. You may be tempted to wear all of your best jewelry while on vacation. However, that also makes you very attractive to thieves. If you can't leave home without some bling, consider some well-crafted fake jewelry.

12. To help deter theft, male travelers should carry their wallet in a front pocket with two rubber bands wrapped around it.

13. For the same reasons, women should carry their purses in front of them with the strap of the purse across their chest.

14. Think all little kids are innocent? Think again. Groups of children who swarm travelers are often pickpockets. So beware of groups of children who try to swarm you.

15. Pickpockets often bump into you while stealing from you. If this happens to you, immediately check your pockets. If you find that you have just been robbed, scream as loud as you can to draw immediate attention to the matter.

16. You may not have time to learn a new language before you travel abroad, but you should at least take a list of popular traveler phrases with you. When creating this list, you should think of things that you will need to know rather quickly while traveling. Some of the subjects you will want to cover include the price of items, bathroom locations and your hotel location.

17. Before you leave for your trip, call your cell phone provider. Roaming cell phone charges can be very expensive, so you will want to see if there is a foreign plan that you can switch to during your trip.

18. Make sure to carry all your minimum necessities in your carry-on bag including a change of clothes, extra undergarments and toothpaste, deodorant and possibly a razor. If you are going somewhere colder than where you have been, you will want to make sure your coat or jacket is in your carry-on, not in your checked luggage.

19. In addition to extra clothes and toiletries in your carry-on, you should also pack any electronics, fine jewelry or other valuables in your carry-on. If it is valuable to you, and you can't carry it on the plane, you should probably leave it at home.

20. To make sure each trip is a success, you should ALWAYS BUY TRAVEL INSURANCE. While there are various types of insurance that offer different levels of protection, all travel insurance policies give you the peace of mind that you will be taken care of while traveling.

Guest Blogger: Michael Schad is the Director of Internet Marketing for Go Travel, an agency with over 32 years of experience in the travel industry. Go Travel will create the perfect vacation, customized to your dreams, tailored to your budget! The next time you are planning a vacation, visit gotravel.com where they can save you time and money!

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