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At Best-Travel-Deals-Tips.com, we have assembled a comprehensive list of great travel web sites specializing in United States Vacation Destinations by travel experts in these locations.

Although, I recommend the following travel web sites for locating great info for your U.S. destination vacation, these sites are not under the control of Best-Travel-Deals-Tips.com. While I do my best to assure the quality of the sites I refer you to, I am not able to continually monitor all of the travel sites as well as I would like to. Therefore Best-Travel-Deals-Tips.com cannot be held responsible for any of the content on the travel sites that I provide for you to additionally research your destination. Please browse at your own discretion and enjoy travel information on these web sites.

Planning Your Trip. With our information below on U.S. vacation destinations, I hope that you'll find great vacation planning information for planning your trip. If you're planning on flying to your U.S.A. vacation destination, you can save hundreds of dollars by booking your airfare, hotel, and car rental as a package. You may also want to compare prices with Expedia. There are no Expedia Change or Cancel Fees on hotels, cruises, cars and more.

Are you taking a road trip to explore America? Then you might want to check out our road trip travel tips. Now, when you plan your trip, in addition to the travel destination sites I recommend in my Guide to U.S.A. Vacation Destinations, Lonely Planet is a great resource for guide books for your vacation with it's commitment to providing the best information for travelers.

Get good guide books. My friend, Stuart, won't get on an airplane without his "Travel Bible," a Lonely Planet guide book for the destination he's visiting. He once found a retired Sea Captain's house for our group of friends to stay in on Cape Cod for one of the most memorable weekend getaways I ever had complete with great restaurants, great beaches, and whale watching with fun friends. Thirteen of us rented a van from New York City for the weekend, drove to Cape Cod and had a fabulous time! Stuart planned the entire trip with his trusty Lonely Planet guide book. The authors of these guide books are not allowed to accept free accommodation or meals in exchange for favorable write-ups, so their recommendations are honest and objective.

Now if you want a wider selection of travel guides, like Frommer's and others, then check out eBooks.com. You may also be able to pick up a copy of the latest bestseller to read on your long flight so you can get new releases from eBooks.com.

If you prefer to listen to books, like I do on my mp3 player, then let me connect you with my favorite source for audio books. For a limited time, you can Get Your First 3 Months at Audible.com for $7.49/month! Right before I went on my last cruise, I downloaded Unemployed Millionaire from Audible written by Matt Morris, a friend of mine. I listened to it everyday when I worked out in the fitness center. Matt's story is incredible and you should definitely find out how he went from living out of his car to making seven figures.

Tips for Booking Your Trip Online. When booking your vacation online, remember that you can save hundreds of dollars by booking your airfare, hotel, and car rental as a package. You may also want to compare prices with Expedia. There are no Expedia Change or Cancel Fees on hotels, cruises, cars and more.

How to Save Big on Theme Parks, Attractions, Museums and more. Once you get to your vacation destination, you can save up to 55% off attractions like theme parks, museums, local attractions and much more with Go City Cards. You can also purchase Go City Cards before you go. They are available in many cities and vacation destinations in the U.S. including Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Las Vegas, New York City, San Diego, San Francisco, Oahu, Orlando, and Miami. The first attraction visited will activate the days purchased on your Go City Card. For instance, a 3-day card activated on a Monday would be valid for Monday and 2 other days of your choice within 2 weeks. Complete details are available at their website so get your Go City Card for Top Attractions & Tours for One Low Price for your road trips in Boston, San Fran, Chicago, San Diego, Seattle, LA, NYC, Florida and Hawaii.

Finally, if your planned U.S. vacation destination is not listed below, then check out our worldwide tourism offices resource as it's extremely comprehensive.

Have fun planning your vacation and exploring the many wonderful destinations the United States has to offer.

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America (USA) - California
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