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Marianne Schwab, TV Travel Producer.
I am so excited that you found my travel web site. I love sharing my insider travel secrets on how to get the best travel deals. For over twenty years, I've been collecting these money saving travel tips as a travel producer for high profile television programs and also as a road warrior of business travel. In addition to traveling around the world, I have flown all over the country to produce and direct video shoots and live television productions. I have produced on location from Ceasar's Palace on the Vegas Strip to Universal Studios Hollywood to the beautiful island of Oahu.

How it All Began. Many of you may remember a program hosted by Robin Leach during the late eighties and into the nineties called Runaway with the Rich & Famous, a sister show to Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous. The show was all about glitz and glamor and featured celebrity home tours, luxury vacation segments plus lots of champagne wishes and caviar dreams. Well, after working as a Segment Producer for Live with Regis & Kathie Lee, I accepted a position as Robin Leach's Senior Segment Producer for Runaway during it's eighth season. It was my job to design and create five-star luxury vacations for celebrities (and send a video crew along to capture the magic).

During my season with Robin, I sent celebs to over 25 countries, secured appropriate visas, and worked with foreign tourism offices to determine what locations, hotels, restaurants and local sites of interest would be shot at each vacation destination to be featured on our program. There was a lot of negotiated five-star travel deals and I personally secured over $250,000 in free hotel rooms, expensive dinners and much more for our celebrity guests and video crew. I did this by leveraging the show's high television visibility and international broadcast syndication that reached millions
of television viewers worldwide.

After working with Robin Leach, I also produced for many other travel experts including everyone's favorite

Travel Mom, Emily Kaufman ; MSNBC.com Travel Correspondent, Joel Widzer; USA Today Travel Writer, Laura Powell; CBS Early Show's "Travel Detective" Peter Greenberg, and many more. Peter and I traveled from Los Angeles, California, to Roveniemi, Finland, and back in four days for a video shoot to produce "A Search for Santa" at the Arctic Circle when we were both at ABC-TV. Believe it or not, I didn't experience any jet lag and I have some helpful tips for avoiding jet lag so check those out. By the way, while I was in Finland, I got licensed to drive a reindeer sleigh at Santa's reindeer farm!

I currently travel at every opportunity I get and last year, I visited ten countries in less than six months because I found some amazing four-star travel adventures with travel deals that were just too deeply discounted to pass up. Now, we can't all travel with a "money no object passport" and as a matter of fact, I certainly don't. Money is usually limited, but that doesn't stop me from taking amazing trips, seeing the world on a budget and living my travel dreams. I have discovered lots of travel tips and tricks along the way to get the best travel deals and take amazing four-star and even five-star vacations at what are basically two-star prices.

Up-to-Date. When I'm not chasing travel deals, I am Executive Producer for CMP Media Cafe , a full service media production and placement company specializing in getting my clients’

brands, products and/or services media exposure in television news. Based in Los Angeles, my career in broadcast television spans over twenty years and includes traveling to and/or producing in more than 30 countries on four different continents.

For the past fourteen years I have produced projects for corporate clients from the Fortune 500 and top public relations agencies. I currently work with many of the leaders in the travel industry to get their hotels, airlines, cruise lines, web sites and destinations featured in television news segments with The Travel Mom, Emily Kaufman, an expert in Family Travel.

I currently live in Southern California with my two cats, Max and Riley, who get very annoyed with me when I travel -- maybe it's because they are "Animal Actors." My cat, Max, is a spokes-kitty for Bamboo Pet Products and has appeared on QVC promoting some of their cat grooming items and cat toys.

Now it is my mission to show you my best travel deals tips so that you can discover a world of ways to see the world so feel free to explore my website. And by the way, I'd love to hear from you so feel free to post your travel tips and adventures (don't forget your photos) on my website as well under Travel Community.

Marianne Schwab - Broadcast Producer Credits of Interest:
Live with Regis and Kathie Lee hosted by Regis Philbin and Kathie Lee Gifford
ABC-TV’s Home Show with Gary Collins and Sarah Purcell
The George and Alana Show hosted by George Hamilton and Alana Stewart
• E! Entertainment Television ON E! Specials
• E! Entertainment Television O.J. Simpson Criminal Trial anchored by Kathleen Sullivan
Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous hosted by Robin Leach
Runaway with the Rich & Famous hosted by Robin Leach

Marianne Schwab - Some Interesting Broadcast “War” Stories:
• Traveled to Finland’s Arctic Circle to produce a Search for Santa with Travel Editor Peter ...Greenberg at ABC’s Home Show
• Arranged one of only two interviews given by Rosey Grier during the O.J. Simpson trial, and ...soon after his controversial jailhouse meeting with Simpson, for E!’s special OJ: Two Sides of ...the Story, with Kathleen Sullivan.
• Gave worldwide music sensation Yanni his first national television appearance on Live with ...Regis and Kathie Lee.
• Featured Pope John Paul II’s visit to Malta for Runaway with the Rich and Famous.

My network producer experience brings quality broadcast video production to corporate projects.

Marianne Schwab
TV Travel Show Producer

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About Marianne Schwab
TV Travel Show Producer

For over twenty years, TV Travel Show Producer, Marianne Schwab, has been collecting money saving travel tips as a travel producer for high profile television programs. She has flown all over the world and produced live television productions on location from Caesar's Palace on the Vegas Strip to the beautiful island of Oahu. Read more