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Travel Scams: Is the Deal Real?

Everyone wants to find a great travel deal, but how do you spot a travel deal from a travel scam?

Find out how to spot the Top Five Red Flags Your Travel Deal is a Travel Steal and Top Five Tips So You Don’t Get Travel Scammed.

The best travel deals are easier to get than you think but a lot of people just don't know how to get them. That's why I've put together this website featuring my best travel deals tips. With my travel advice, I can help practically anyone take five-star vacations at two-star prices. For over twenty years, I have been collecting money saving travel tips as a travel producer for high profile television programs.

I have also been a road warrior and learned a lot of travel tricks, insider secrets, and ins-and-outs on how to get value-packed vacations for less -- and without using press credentials to do it because I travel just like you do. So let's talk about travel dreams. Have you ever imagined yourself traveling the world and going to places like Paris, Rome, or London?

Has It Ever Been Your Dream to:
• Swim with dolphins in the Bahamas?
• Take a gondola ride in Venice?
• Picnic in the Swiss Alps?
• See a live lava flow from a Hawaii volcano?
• Climb the Great Wall of China?

Do you have these sorts of travel dreams, but think you can't afford to travel? Well, I help people just like you learn how to get the best travel deals, take amazing vacations on almost any budget and make your travel dreams a reality with great vacation planning tips and much more.

Take a $99 Cruise and Fly First Class to China for $99!
Did you know that in the past couple of years, I’ve taken a $99 cruise to the Bahamas with an ocean view room and I only paid $99 for a first class round trip plane ticket from Los Angeles to Beijing? Those are just a sample of some of the best travel deals I secured with the travel tips I’m going to share with you. I am so excited that you found my website so that I can share my insider travel secrets I've been collecting for over twenty years as a travel producer for television including:

Five Big Travel Mistakes that Cost Big Bucks
Hidden Costs of Cruises
Why You Need Trip Insurance
How to Choose the Best Airline Seats
Everything You Need to Know About Passports & Visas
How to Avoid Jet Lag
Money Saving Tips to Using Your Cell Phone Overseas
Road Trip Travel Tips
How to Get Paid to Travel

Some of the best travel deals I can show you how to get include:
• $49 Cruises to Cozumel
• A 2-Bedroom Villa at Disney World for $299 for the Week
• One-Week at a Four-Star Hotel for $149 in Madrid, Spain

I know these prices seem unbelievable but they are absolutely true published vacation deals I have found and verified.

TV Travel Show Producer Shares Her Travel Tips and Secrets. It all started when I was Senior Segment Producer for a TV program hosted by Robin Leach during the late eighties and into the nineties called, Runaway with the Rich and Famous, and my job was to design and create five-star luxury vacations for celebrities (and send a video crew to capture the magic).

During my season with Robin, I sent celebs to over 25 countries and determined what locations, hotels, restaurants and local sites of interest would be shot at each vacation destination to be featured on our program.

Now, we can't all travel with a "money no object passport," but I have discovered many travel tips and tricks along the way to get the best travel deals and take amazing four-star and even five-star vacations at what are basically two-star prices. You see, I love to travel, but I hate paying full price for any trip that I take.

Budget Prices, Not Budget Travel. As a television producer, I also don’t do “budget” travel. You know what I’m talking about -- like youth hostels or budget hotels -- I absolutely always stay at nice hotels, but I do always travel on a budget. You don’t have to be a TV travel producer, like me, to get the best travel deals, deep travel discounts and even travel for free. As a matter of fact, all of my travel tips on my travel web site have to do with my own common sense of leveraging dollars I’m already spending, making wise choices on where I spend my travel dollars and participating in inexpensive travel programs that offer deep travel discounts.

These exclusive travel tips I am sharing with you here have literally saved me thousands of dollars on vacations. I also share many tips on how to save once you get to your destination by connecting you to deals to save up to 55% on theme parks in the U.S..

Now, I would love and absolutely adore helping you discover a world of ways to see the world and get the best travel deals!

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Planning a New Mexico vacation to a land of enchantment? It gets its nickname honestly. I have had an ongoing love affair with this special state since I visited and wish I could get there more often.
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Ever dream of going up, up and away on a hot air balloon ride? Albuquerque is synonymous with exciting hot air balloon adventures and TV Travel Show Producer has tips on what to expect.
Travel Photo: Hot Air Balloons Over Temecula
Gorgeous view of a sky full of hot air balloons floating over the Temecula vineyards
Santa Fe: Vacation Guide
A Santa Fe vacation guide of TV Travel Show Producer's recommendations on where to stay, where to eat, great shopping, day trips and more.
Santa Fe: Five Things You Must Do
Santa Fe conjures up visions of the vast open spaces of the wewest, a beautifully preserved southwestern town and endless galleries, not to mention fine cuisine. Here are five things not to miss.
Loretto Chapel: Mystery of the Miraculous Staircase
The Loretto Chapel is located at the end of the Old Santa Fe Trail and is legendary for its “miraculous staircase.”
New York City Attractions: Snapshots of Five Must See NYC Places
As a former New Yorker, here are five of my favorite New York City attractions in photos.
New York City Skyline from New York Harbor
New York City Skyline from New York Harbor and Governor's Island. Eleven years after the tragedy of 9/11, Freedom Tower gives the New York Skyline a new look.
Yosemite National Park
Yosemite National Park in Northern California is a very popular travel destination. It's no wonder the park is swarming with tourists from around the world during peak summer months.
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Getty Villa in Malibu, California
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Mission San Fernando in California
Mission San Fernando is one of 21 Spanish missions on coastal California that start in San Diego and go up to Sonoma in wine country. They were founded between 1769 and 1823 by Franciscan missionaries
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Point Pinos Lighthouse in Monterey
The Point Pinos Lighthouse in Monterey, California, is the oldest, continuously operating lighthouse on the West Coast. It was first lit on February 1, 1855.
San Diego, California's Twelve Foot Tall Mermaid
Discovering a twelve foot mermaid on Harbor Island during a visit to San Diego, California, is just one of the many treasures I've encountered over the years during my travels.
The Best California Song
My favorite "California" Song is not really about California at all. Most of the songs with "California" in the title or in the lyrics often conjure up images of a free spirit lifestyle.
Folly Beach at Charleston, SC - Family Fun in the Sand
Folly Beach, located on the shore of Charleston, South Carolina, is one of my favorite beaches that I've ever visited and is perfect for family fun in the sand.
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There are so many holy places in Jerusalem to visit since it's the mecca of Judeo Christian history. I'm thrilled that the weekly Friday Twitter event known as #FriFotos chose "Holy Places."
The Mount of Beatitudes: Journey to Israel Where the Bible Comes Alive
The Mount of Beatitudes is just a short walking distance from the ruins of the ancient village of Capernaum, but you'll probably want to drive it.
The Temple Steps in Jerusalem
Journey to Israel where the Bible comes alive.
Jersusalem: The Upper Room of the Last Supper
What is the Upper Room in Jerusalem? It's the location in the Gospels where Jesus celebrated his last Passover dinner with his twelve apostles. It's commonly referred to "The Last Supper."
Jerusalem: Golgotha, The Place of the Skull
Golgotha is on the top of a hill right outside the city walls and the small natural caves give it an appearance of a man’s skul.l
The Garden Tomb in Jerusalem
tbdThe Garden Tomb in Jerusalem is a beautiful and peaceful place that many believe is the authentic side of the tomb where Christ's body was laid after his crucifixion.
Sisters Waiting for The Pope: Travel Photo
When I visited Rome, we visited St. Peter's Square at the Vatican on a Wednesday. As we were making our way to St. Peter's Square, I came across this group of nuns on their way to see the Pope. .
Pompeii, Italy: Dogs that Live Among the Ruins
I have been fascinated with Pompeii, Italy since we first studied about it in history class and when I an opportunity to visit it, I was captivated my its current residents - the dogs of Pompeii.
Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy: Throw a Coin in the Fountain
The Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy, is one of the most popular places in the city and a real tourist attraction. This is the largest Baroque fountain in the city and one of the most famous fountain
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New York City is a great place for a movie locations vacation.
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Is this your first cruise vacation? Find out how to prepare for a cruise if you've never cruised before. We have some important tips to insure smooth sailing.
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Trip Insurance for Cruises
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Cruise Vacations: Sun Safety Tips for a Vacation Day in the Sun
TV Travel Show Producer shares five essential sun safety tips for a day in the sun. Don’t let cruise vacations be ruined with a bad sun burn.
Cruise Industry: Passenger Bill of Rights
Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) announced the adoption of a "Cruise Industry Passenger Bill of Rights" detailing CLIA members' commitment to the safety, comfort & care of guests .
Travel Trends in 2011 with Emily Kaufman, The Travel Mom
Travel Mom has the 2011 Travel Trends. The good news is that the great travel deals won’t go away and you’re going to continue to see credits available at hotels, value added packages, cruises.
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The Travel Mom, Emily Kaufman, and she has spring break travel deals & dollar stretchers travel plans in full motion.
Spring Break on a Budget with the Travel Mom, Emily Kaufman
After almost four years of trimming vacation budgets, Americans are eager to pack their bags and get on the road again for a fun spring break. Find out how to get more out of every vacation dollar.
Money Saving Summer Vacation Tips
The Travel Mom, Emily Kaufman, has money saving tips for your summer vacation. Produced by TV Travel Show Producer, Marianne Schwab.
Last Minute Summer Travel Tips & Mini-Vacations
The Travel Mom, Emily Kaufman, has some creative ways to take a last minute summer vacation without breaking the budget.
How to Save on Summer Vacations: Including Last Minute Getaways
Looking for ways to take that memorable summer vacation without breaking the bank? The Travel Mom, Emily Kaufman, has tips on how to save on summer vacations.
New Ways to Save on Family Travel Trends this Summer
I recently caught up with the The Travel Mom, Emily Kaufman, and she shared some new ways to save on family travel trends this summer and had some secrets for getting more for your vacation dollar.
Holiday Travel Tips from The Travel Mom
With the holidays looming, millions of Americans will line up at airport terminals grimly hoping that they’ll survive their air travel experience with their bank account intact after the extra fees.
Travel Tips TV
Join TV Travel Show Producer, Marianne Schwab, on her around the world travels as she shares important travel tips on how to take 5-star vacations at 2-Star Prices and much more.
Working Moms Vacation Dilemma
With increasing demands of today’s 24/7 business world, moms find that unplugging from the office while on vacation may be very difficult. Carol Evans, President, Working Mothers Media, shares tips.
Travel Show: Behind-the-Scenes
Go behind-the-scenes with TV Travel Show Producer, Marianne Schwab, and get an inside look how she produced a live TV broadcast from the RMS Queen Mary.
Travel Advice - Travel Tips from TV Travel Producer
TV Travel Producer has insider travel advice and travel tips to to get the best travel deals, and everything you need to know before you take a vacation.
Credit Card Reward Programs & Travel Loyalty Programs Mean Free Vacations
TV Travel Producer shares how she flew First Class to China from LAX for just $99 using credit card reward programs and how you can get free travel & take deeply discounted vacations.
Credit Cards with Travel Perks
If you don't currently have a credit card with reward benefits, you're missing out on one of the best ways to get five-star vacations at two star prices.
Stay Healthy on Vacation: Tips to Stay Healthy While Traveling
How do you stay healthy on vacation? Healthy travel habits are not something casual travelers may think about although a lot of road warriors I know have systems in place to stay healthy on vacation.
Avoiding Jet Lag Tips - How To Avoid Jet Lag
Avoiding jet lag tips - whether you're flying Coast-to-Coast or around the world. TV Travel Show Producer has tips on how to avoid jet lag.
Travel Safety Tips
Don't let your vacation be ruined by being a victim of a crime. TV Travel Show Producer has street wise and common sense travel safety tips.
Travel Safety: Hotel Room Security Tips For Your Vacation or Business Trips
One of the biggest mistakes many people make when they're on a vacation or business trip is that their hotel room is safe and secure when they leave the room.
Double Decker Bus Tours: Around the World
In almost every major city that's a popular tourist destination you see double decker bus tours these days. Here are some tips to make the most of them!
How to Prevent Travel Scams: Top Five Tips So You Don’t Get Travel Scammed
There are scores of scam artists out there who prey on your instinct to save money on travel so here are five tips to follow to make your dream vacation does not turn into a travel scam nightmare.
Travel Scams: Top Five Red Flags Your Travel Deal is a Travel Steal
Everyone wants to find a great travel deal, but how do you spot a travel deal from a travel scam? TV Travel Producer has put together a list of red flags to look out for when booking a travel de
How Clean is Your Hotel Room?
I’ll be the first admit that I’m just a little germ phobic when it comes to hotel room cleanliness and do you know what? I have very good reason to be.
Hotel Bed Bugs
Hotel bed bugs have been on the increase in the United States in recent years and top bed bug cities include New York, Philadelphia and Detroit.
Vacation Photos: 10 Tips to Take Better Photos on Vacation
Vacation photos are the best souvenir of any trip, but don't you hate when you have lousy photos for your travels. Here ae 10 tips to help amateur shutterbugs.
A Great Way to Show Off Your Vacation Photos
I figured out a great way to take my best shots, photos that gave some feeling for the overall trip and location. And it doesn't overwhelm anyone with too much information.
Best Kept Travel Secrets for Weekend Getaways & Vacays
Most people don't know that when you take youre vacation determines if you're going to get a great travel deal or not. TV travel show producer, Mariane Schwab, shares some insider secrets.
Five Money Saving Tips When Traveling
Saving money while traveling takes discipline, planning, and doing without a few things. Is it an appropriate exchange for such an adventure? Of course! Everyone wants to save money these days.
Five Bargaining Tips for Getting Deals When Traveling the World
If only we knew the skills that so many others knew around the world, we could get better discounts wherever we go. Here are the 5 essential tips you need when haggling for an item you're interested
Travel Angels & Travelin' Prayers
I couldn’t believe my eyes as I saw this larger than life angelic creation standing before me. Dripping with the Aloha Spirit, he was dressed in a Hawaiian shirt and he was wearing sunglasses.
Airline Seat Selection Tips: How to Get the Best Economy Seats
If you've ever wondered how to get the best economy seats on a plane, TV Travel Show Producer has insider secrets and links to airline seat maps.
Domestic Airline Fees
Domestic airline fees are out of control. No longer can you buy an airline ticket and assume anything is included for the purchase of air fare. Check out airline fees before you purchase your ticket
Airline Luggage Fees
Comprehensive chart on airline luggage fees so you can evaluate the best travel deal on an airfare.
Baggage Fee Refunds: Airline Passengers Spend $3.5 Million on Baggage Fees
With, you can earn credits toward getting money back. There's no membership fee and no limit to how many refunds you recieve.
Carry On Luggage Packing Tips
When it comes to carry-on luggage, most people travel with one carry-on bag and some pieces of luggage that they check in. Here are a few tips that you should consider while packing.
Low Cost Airfare: Being Flexible is the Secret to Travel Deals
Being flexible can grab you incredible airfare discounts. Find out how one company offers incredible low cost airfare prices for people who have a little leeway in their schedule.
Ways to Save Money on Airline Travel
There are several ways of slashing your costs on an air travel. 1) Book an early or a late flight. #1-Flights that leave early in the morning or late at night are usually cheaper.
Airline Partnerships
Airline Partnerships and affiliations. Find out which airlines have alliances here.
Airport Club Rooms
Airline club rooms provide a refuge from crowds and amenities to help use the time effectively.
Airline Abbreviations
Airline Abbreviations
Airport Codes - Domestic U.S.
List of U.S. Airport Codes.
Airport Codes - International
Airport Codes - International
Chicago O’Hare Airport: The Airport You Love To Hate & How It Got Its Name
As many times as I have been in and out of Chicago O’Hare Airport, there is one thing I never knew and that’s how it came to be named “O’Hare.” Do you know how this airport got its name?
Tourism Offices Worldwide Directory
A comprehensive Tourism Offices Worldwide Directory with links to all tourism offices all over the world.
Travel Resources Guide for Complete Vacation Planning
Travel Resources Guide is a comprehensive worldwide travel directory for vacation planning with airline web sites & luggage policies, tourism info, TSA guidelines, passports, travel health, more.
Online Travel Sites Resource
Resource guide to booking online at hotels, travel sites and more.
Overseas Travel : Top Ten Travel Tips
Before you head abroad, we have the top ten overseas travel tips to ensure you have a great trip.
Five Things You Need To Know About Using a Cell Phone Overseas
Using cell phones overseas can be expensive unless you do your research BEFORE you go. Find out how to save hundreds even thousands when using a cell phone overseas.
Hotel Loyalty & Credit Card Reward Programs
Hotel industry consolidation may have created some confusion about which hotel brands belong to which frequent-stay programs, if any.
Lost and Stolen Passports
Tips for dealing with a lost or stolen passport including how to have an emergency passport kit and important passport links.
Passport for Child: How to Get a Passport for a Child
The procedures to obtain a minor's under the age of 16 passport is relatively similar to that of an adult except for some minor but very important differences.
Embassies & Consulates Around the World
A complete directory & search engine to connect you to Embassies, Consulates websites & addresses, and how to handle lost or stolen passport s overseas.
Travel Vaccinations: It Could Well Be Do or Die
Not all foreign countries carry the same health risk and so the number and type of vaccinations needed will vary according to your destination. Talking to a doctor about your destination is crucial.
Vacation Packing Tips: From @TravelProducer
A TV Travel Show Producer like Marianne Schwab should have a few vacation packing tips up her sleeve. Well, she does. Find out what they are.
Airport Security: How to Go Through it With Less Stress?
Before traveling by plane, just accept the fact that you will have to go through the whole craggy process at the airport. Here are a few things you can do to be more prepared.
Rental Car Insurance: Should You Buy Rental Car Insurance?
Everyone who has ever rented a car has felt the confusion of staring at the rental contract and not knowing whether or not you should buy car rental insurance.. Do you or need it or not. Find out.
Car Rental Insurance: Should You Buy Rental Car Insurance (continued)
Everyone who has ever rented a car has felt the confusion of staring at the rental contract and not knowing whether or not you should buy car rental insurance.. Do you or need it or not. Find out.
Traveling With Pets
Traveling with your pet can be challenging, but with some planning ahead, it can also be a fun and rewarding experience.
Pet Friendly Vacations
Do you want to bring your pet on vacation? Or do you need to fly with your feline? We have great pet travel products for pet friendly vacations.
Travel Quotes
Inspired words on the World of Travel from prominent and less than prominent people.
Best Travel Commercials
Here are some of the latest and best travel commercials promoting vacations, airlines and travel deals that I really like. Go ahead and watch them! It’s okay to like them! They’re fun!
Best Travel Songs Ever: My Top Five Picks
TV Travel Show Producer, Marianne Schwab, shares her picks for the Top Five Best Travel Songs Ever. Perspective from a producer's criteria for scoring video.
Best Travel Songs Ever: For Planes, Trains & Automobiles
If you’re doing some road trip planning you don’t want to forget the best travel songs ever. Music is truly the soundtrack of our lives and every road trip needs a soundtrack.
Travel Careers: Get Paid to Travel
Travel Careers? Get paid to travel? Travel is an $8 Trillion a year industry. Find out how to join the professional travel team led by TV Travel Show Producer, Mariannne Schwab.
Become a Travel Writer
So you want to become a travel writer? Learn to turn your travels into money and help pay your way as you travel.
Work at Home: Build a Solid Business
Tired of work at home scams? Me, too. Site Build It is the only system that allows you to build a business with the right plan for long term success.
Share Your Travel Tips & Stories: iReports from Your Vacation Adventuress
but I would love to hear about your best travel experiences, favorite hotels or restaurants, family travel tips, airline tips, money saving travel secrets, great travel gadgets and more.
Travel Writers Wanted
We're looking for story contributions for our website from writers, travel bloggers, and citizen travelers. Travel writers wanted to share your travel tips, advice and destination information.
Travel Pros to Follow on Twitter
If you love travel and want to know who to follow on Twitter, TV Travel Show Producer, Marianne Schwab, shares her favorite tweet peeps and pics.
Tracy Gallagher Interview: 20 Questions for Travel Pros Challenge
Tracy Gallagher was the face of the Travel Channel for years and she agreed to take the 20 Question Travel Pro Challenge! Find out her insider travel.secrets.
Cruisers on Twitter: Cruise Experts and Cruise Bloggers
I like cruises because all of the hassles of an ordinary vacation are completely eliminated. My cruisers on Twitter includes cruise experts and cruise bloggers.
Gray Cargill, Travel Blogger
Meet travel blogger, Gray Cargill, known on Twitter as @SoloFriendly, through
Meet Anne Dimon:
I am so excited to introduce you to Anne Dimon. She is the editor and writer for the online Travel To Wellness Magazine that covers travel, spas, fitness & culinary topics.
Meet Susan Farewell of Farewell Travels
Most people only dream about having the travel portfolio of this travel pro, Susan Farewell. . I just love her last name and how well connects to adventure as if to say, “Farewell, I’m traveling now.
Billie Frank, The Founder
Billie Frank and her husband, Steve Collins, own and operate The Santa Fe Traveler, a travel-concierge and trip-planning business for visitors to Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Travel Guys on Twitter: Ready, Set, Adventure
This is an "A" list of travel experts, bloggers and writers and you will always get unique travel tips and lots of just plain travel fun out of following these travel guys on Twitter.
Meet Travel Blogger Cathy Sweeney: Travel With Sweeney
Cathy Sweeney started her travel blog, Traveling with Sweeney, to share her perspectives on places she’d been, places she wants to go, travel ideas she’s heard about, and travel tips.
Roni Weiss: Man of the World...Literally lists Roni Weiss in the Top 50 of Online Travel Influencers and it’s no wonder, Roni is simply brilliant. I love his sense of humor, his zest for life and travel.
Landlopers' Matt Long Takes the 20 Questions Travel Blogger Challenge
Matt Long is a true Landloper. Defined as a wanderer and adventurer that is the heart of who Matt is in real life and on the road. lists Matt in the Top 10 of Online Travel Influencers.
About Marianne Schwab, TV Travel Producer
As a TV Producer, Marianne Schwab shares her best travel deals tips she learned as a TV Travel Producer for shows like "Runaway with the Rich & Famous" and more.
Media Buzz - TV Travel Show Producer, Marianne Schwab
TV Travel Show Producer, Marianne Schwab, is frequently interviewed by the media and quoted as a travel expert.
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Travel Store: Great Products to Make Travel Easier
TV Travel Show Producer has a travel store of great items to make your vacation easier.
Best Travel Guide Books
Here are the best travel guide books! I've chosen the type of books that I like when I'm on vacation, taking a business trip or planning a video shoot.
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Puerto Rico: La Coca Falls
Puerto Rico's La Coca Falls is located in the El Yunque National Forest. El Yunque is the only tropical rain forest in the United States National Forest System.
Travel News: Week Ending May 19, 2012
So much was going on in the world of travel this past week. Here's a round-up of Twitter tweets, travel blogs and travel stories that you'll find helpful with travel tips and travel news.
Travel News: Week Ending May 26, 2012
So much was going on in the world of travel the week ending May 25th. Here's a round-up of Twitter tweets, travel blogs and travel stories are filled with travel tips and travel news.
Travel News: Week Ending June 2, 2012
Here's a round-up of Twitter tweets, travel blogs and travel stories are filled with travel tips and travel news for the week ending June 2nd.
Travel News: Week Ending June 9, 2012
The first full week in June was packed with news in the world of travel. Here's a round-up of Twitter tweets, travel blogs and travel stories filled with travel tips and travel topics.
Travel News: Week Ending June 16, 2012
This week Cars Land opened at Disney's California Adventure to huge crowds, the USS Iowa made its historic final voyage and will now be a permanent museum and tourist attraction in San Pedro and more.
Travel News of the Week: Week Ending June 23, 2012
So much was going on in the world of travel the week ending May 25th. Here's a round-up of Twitter tweets, travel blogs and travel stories are filled with travel tips and travel news.
Travel News Roundup: Week Ending June 30, 2012
I have a great collection of travel tips this week from from all my Twitter friends including travel scams to look out for, 50 easy ways to stretch your travel dollars and more.
Travel News: Week Ending July 7, 2012
This week we take a look at the most crowded beaches (you may want to avoid), an app that helps you conquer the fear of flying, expenses that take travelers by surprise and more.
North Hollywood, California - Chandler Murals: View from My Bicycle
There’s a great strip known as the Chandler Murals, on the Chandler Bike Path at Vineland Ave in North Hollywood.
Celebrity Travel Tip: What's in Kirk Cameron's Carry-On
Celebrity Travel Tip: What's in Kirk Cameron's Carry-On
Five Benefits Of Traveling
Whether we are traveling for business purpose or personal pleasure, the joys of traveling and its benefit are too great to ignore. Listed below are five such benefits.
Seven Must-Have Travel Accessories You Should Know About
The rule of light packing is a must when you are traveling alone, but it does not mean you leave behind essential items while traveling. So here are some items to make sure to bring along.
Travel Web Series
Travel web series need you and your crazy travel story. If you've ever dreamed of sharing your funniest, zaniest travel story with millions of people, now is your chance to do it!
20 Tips to Make Leisure Travel More Relaxing
As a frequent traveler, I have learned a few tips that make traveling easier. In this article, you will find a list of uncomplicated, easy-to-understand traveling tips that will make any trip easier.
Packing for Vacation Tips
No matter if you are packing for a long or short trip, whether for business or pleasure, a time-saving way to begin is to make and use a list, so nothing gets left behind..
How to Budget Travel Regardless of Your Destination
There are many destinations that people consider off limits because of their supposedly high costs. This article will explains strategies & tips for traveling on a budget regardless of a destination.
Travel News: Week Ending July 14, 2012
Here's a round-up of Twitter tweets, travel blogs and travel stories are filled with travel tips and travel news.
Vacation Packages: Tips for Finding Best Travel Deals
Did you know that vacation packages are one of the best travel deals? You can get low prices by combining your trip components like flights and hotels.
Travel News: Week Ending July 21, 2012
The travel news round-up for Mid-July marks the halfway point of summer. Find out how to avoid the vacation from hell and more.
Travel News Round-Up: Week Ending July 28, 2012
Only one more month left in summer so what's up with that?
Why I Love All Inclusive Family Vacations
Family all inclusive vacations beat every single other type of vacation in my book! When I travel with my children I prefer all inclusive vacation resorts.
3 Refreshing New Travel and Tourism Industry Trends
What is the unifying theme behind many of the latest travel & tourism industry trends? They are meant to refresh weary travellers.
Cool Travel Products
Don’t you love cool travel products that make your life on the road just a little bit easier? I know I do. Here a just a few of my recent discoveries.
Best Family All Inclusive Vacations
If your idea of a perfect holiday doesn't involve cooking or cleaning an all inclusive family vacation resort is the way to go!
Checklist for Traveling Abroad
International travel is both fun and exciting but it can easily become stressful if you forget or lose important documents. This checklist will help ensure that you have everything you need.
Tips for Clearing Airport Security When Flying With Kids
Does the thought of clearing airport security with excited kids make you shudder with fear? Relax and follow these tips to clear security with ease and enjoy the journey.
Choose Your Own Seatmate: an Emerging Travel and Tourism Debate
There is not yet a clear consensus for or against KLM's so-called Meet & Seat service for long-haul fights. Would you like to use Facebook to choose your seatmate?
Disclosure Policy
Any complimentary offers are disclosed at the end of my blog posts and our guest bloggers are required to disclose offers in their posts as well.
Airline Passenger Rights
Airline passenger rights have certainly changed since that fateful day on September 11, 2001. The United States Department of Transportation is a great resource.
Fall Travel Deals for Greater Fort Lauderdale
Fall is here, but in case you’re missing the summer weather, ’tis the season for fall fun in the sun and some great off season travel deals. Travel Mom, Emily Kaufman has fall vacation ideas.

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