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Holy Places in Jerusalem

Journey to Israel Where the Bible Comes Alive

There are so many holy places in Jerusalem to visit since it's the mecca of Judeo Christian history. I'm thrilled that the weekly Friday Twitter event known as #FriFotos chose "Holy Places" as the theme for the week since it gives me a chance to share photos from one of my favorite cities, Jerusalem.

But whether you're here as a result of #FriFotos, or stumbled upon this page another way, enjoy this virtual tour of some of the holy places in Jerusalem and feel free to add some of your own below.

[Photo: The original steps of the Jerusalem's Second Temple.]

[Photo: The Upper Room, Location of the Last Supper.]

[Photo: The Garden of Gethsemane.]

[Photo: Possible site where Peter denied Christ three times.]

After Jesus was arrested the night before he was crucified, it is believed that he was held in a prison area adjacent to this courtyard. His apostle, Peter, stood vigil here for Jesus, but denied knowing him when he was asked three times. A statue has been designed to commemorate this Biblical event at this location just outside the old city walls.

[Photo: Golgotha, the place of the skull, crucifixion site.]

I added the black graphic circle to this photo so you can more clearly see the outline of a skull and understand how Golgotha came to be known as the place of the skull. It's believed that the crucifixion site may have been the hilltop above the "skull."

[Photo: The Garden Tomb where Christ's body was laid to rest.]

[Photo: The Western Wall and Temple Mount.]

[Photo: The Dome of the Rock.]

The Dome of the Rock is located over a large stone believed to be the location where Abraham went to sacrifice Issac before the Lord intervened. Muslims believe this is the rock where Mohammed ascended.

I hope you've enjoyed my short photo essay of the holy places in Jerusalem. The Holy Land is a wonderful trip and spiritual tourism in Israel will fill you with memories to last a lifetime.

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