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If you are looking for a high quality link exchange program, then has exactly what you are looking for.

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You can read my homepage to get an idea of what my web site's about which is primarily the best travel deals tips from a travel show producer. My site map has a complete list of travel topics and tips I cover on this site. Ideally, your site has a connection to a web page topic I have on my site. For example, I have links to a phone service for ways to stay connected when you travel abroad, so it makes good sense for me to link into They could link back to me with additional tips for staying connected while you're traveling out of the country.

The BEST Value Exchange links also include editorial copy with the Name of the website AND the key words of that page in the link (like the one I've provided).

Finally, I've provided a link to Booking Travel Online, but if you think I have a web page that might be a better a fit for our value exchange, then put that information under webmaster notes below and I'll get in contact with you to work out the best link exchange plan for a win-win situation.

One final note, we cannot link into any site that may be what we would consider a competing travel site. I'm looking for a value exchange where your site's topics make our site more "complete" by offering my visitors something I can't offer them at as it's simply not our information niche. For example, in depth vacation destination information, travel information sites, travel products or services, convention & visitors tourism boards, etc. This should clearly be a "Value Exchange" as it provides value to our visitors on both sites.

Since you know your own site best, you can decide which page of your site would attract the most targeted traffic (people who are interested in what my site is about).

Once you determine which page on your site would be the best fit for the link below, you can fill in the form under it and I will exchange links with your site.

Remember that, if you want a strong link exchange for the engines to find for your site in a 2nd Tier or higher page on my site, I expect the link you post for my site to at least be on a 2nd Tier page on your site as well.

Know what Deep Linking is all About?

Deep linking simply means that, for this link exchange, I will post your link on my site that sends visitors to a specific page of your site for the purpose of directing them to that specific topic.

You, of course, will do the same for me if you want to form a deep-linking relationship with my site.

The people who click on your link from my site will be more likely to spend money on your site because the content on the page I send them to is exactly what they're looking for..

You can have me do this by submitting the URL of the specific page on your site that you want me to send my site's visitors to --- the page on your site that is the most appropriate/relevant for the people who visit this site and the one that contains the link back to this site.

Doing so will increase the respect your site's visitors have for you because you'll be seen as someone who honestly wants to help them.

Deep linking is better for both of us because it sends people to a specific area of our sites and that helps them get right to the information they're seeking, which puts them in a more open-to-buy frame of mind and will actually improve both of our conversion rates...

Whether you would like to deep link with my site or just form a link exchange, please indicate that in the form below.

Just Copy & Paste this code onto the most appropriate page of your site.

After you post that link on your site and the link is live, copy & paste the URL for that page in the form below and let me know what you would like your link to say as well as how you want it to look.

When I'm able to reciprocate, I will send an email to the address you provide letting you know when I did it and on what page of my site you'll be able to find it on.

The link for my site is as follows but I'd prefer you use the HTML code above...

Get a Travel Show Producer's Insider Travel Secrets
Find out the insider travel secrets to getting five-star vacations at two-star prices at from our colleague, Marianne, a TV Travel Show Producer. She has tips to save you time, money & frustration when booking travel online.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have any problems using the form above, then please contact me under contact us. Thanks so much!

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