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Luxury Travel Deals

By Marianne Schwab | Best Travel Deals Tips Blog

Let's talk luxury travel deals. I love luxury travel and I love it more when I get five-star vacations at two-star prices. With all the woes we're hearing about the travel industry in this economy, there is one area of travel that's doing great business and that's luxury travel. Now if you're a connoisseur of luxurious vacations, then you're going to love discovering these deep discount luxury vacation offerings that I have found.

Luxury Travel Deals: Getting Deep Discounts on Five-Star Vacations. Luxury Link is a luxury travel deals auction site where you can get deeply discounted luxury vacations. If you don't know about them, then you're missing out on some incredible luxury travel deals. Luxury Link makes it possible for people with typical vacation budgets to afford 5-star vacations. In fact, once a month, some lucky bidder will get a luxury vacation with a winning minimum bid of just $1! You can turn a $1 starting bid into a $1 final price. For a limited time only, Luxury Link is choosing one lucky Mystery Auction winner each month to pay only $1 for the luxury vacation instead of the final bid. They'll override the price you thought you were paying for the package, and instead charge just $1 for an amazing vacation. That's one of the best luxury travel deals on the internet.

Luxury Link also has the largest selection of vetted luxury hotels, resorts, cruises and tours on the web. Every property and package has been examined by travel professionals and meets strict criteria for inclusion in their elite network of luxury travel deals. Whether you are looking for a specific destination, luxury hotel or style of luxury vacation, Luxury Link has luxury travel deals for you.

Locating and planning 5-star vacations requires a more extensive search with more refined criteria that goes way beyond simply price and convenience. I had an exclusive leather bound book of Robin Leach's that I used to locate the finest hotel in every city we featured on Runaway. Luxury travel is the very best the world has to offer.

Cloud Nine Living is Very Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous. You don't have to be a movie star, rock star, or sports star to get a taste of the good life. Whether it's watching the sun rise from a hot air balloon, learning to sail, a scenic bi-plane ride, or feeling the adrenaline rush of driving a sprint cup style stock car, Cloud Nine Living has the ultimate in luxury travel deals and experiences - except some "bucket list" items can be found in your own backyard. Set up as way to buy a gift for the person who has everything, Cloud 9 Living offers you the chance to do something you've always wanted to do but would never buy for yourself -- until now -- I'm definitely eying a couple of experiences just for me. Cloud 9 Living has over 1,500 of the country's most unique and memorable experience gifts in 42 cities nationwide.

Cloud 9's unique and memorable experience opportunities range from stock car racing and military flight simulators to golf lessons with a PGA pro. Have you ever dreamed of being a fighter pilot in a bygone era? Climb aboard the North American Texan for the flying experience of a lifetime and zoom through the sky like the aces of yesteryear. What about indoor skydiving. No Plane, No Parachute, No Problem! Using a state of the art vertical wind tunnel, you can experience the freedom of flight - indoors!

Rent a Ferrari 360 Spider or a $225,000 Lamborghini Gallardo. Everyone dreams of getting behind the wheel of a Ferrari or a Lamborghini at some point in their lives. With Cloud 9 Living, you can turn your dreams into reality when you drive an all-new Lamborghini Gallardo, the most exotic car on the market today, or take the Ferrari 360 for a spin on the Pacific Coast Highway for the ultimate road trip. This experience is for a Lifestyles of the "Almost" Rich & Famous budget as one day rentals start at $1450.

Too rich for your blood but still want a taste of luxury for less? Then consider a more affordable option where you can Race a Lamborghini or Ferrari for a day for just $299 and up. Here you can push the limits of a 560 horsepower, V10 Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 that goes 0-60 mph in 3.7 seconds. This is your chance to not only drive a Lamborghini, but to race one! Your day at the track will start with a technical briefing where your professional instructor will go over racing tips, proper driving position, steering techniques, braking and acceleration with powerful vehicles like the Lamborghini, and how to find the optimum racing lines on the course.

Weightless Flight Adventure. I'm sure you've seen the astronaut movies like Apollo 13 where the actors are actually weightless in scenes. How did they do it? With a parabolic flight, the only way to experience zero gravity without going into space and the same method NASA has used to train its astronauts (and Hollywood, it's actors) for the last 45 years. Tom Hanks floated in Apollo 13 using parabolic flight and now you can too with a once in a lifetime opportunity to fly like superman! This is thee 1st and only FAA-approved provider of commercial weightless flights.

After a morning of ground and safety instruction, you will put on your personalized ZERO-G flight suit and board G-FORCE ONE, a specially modified Boeing 727-200. When you reach an altitude of 24,000 - 34,000 feet, the fun begins! Your pilot will guide the aircraft through it parabolic flight pattern, which illustrates gently rolling hills. The plane is initially pulled up to approximately 45 degrees 'nose high' then is 'pushed over' the top of the hill to reach the zero-gravity segment of the parabolas.

These are just a few examples of the types of luxury travel deals and amazing adventures Cloud 9 Living offers and it is truly one of the most unique companies I've discovered. Sure, you can use Cloud 9 for getting a gift for someone who has everything, but I truly think that you should seriously consider buying some of these incredible adventures for yourself! They're adventures contain the ultimate "bucket list." They also have exceptional service, best in class providers, and free exchanges at Cloud 9 Living where experiences are the perfect gift for anyone on your list -- including YOU.

There are many options for luxury travel deals and discount luxury travel. If you're open to deciding on your vacation by sorting through some of the best luxury travel deals around rather than building your vacation from scratch, then you're destined to be sitting in the lap of luxury, at a fraction of the cost, and in a picturesque vacation location during your entire holiday. So, as we used to tag out on every show of Lifestyles, here's to your champagne wishes and caviar dreams.

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