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Now, I'd like to turn the tables on you. You know all about me and my travels and seen many of my travel photos, but I would love to hear about your best travel experiences and see your travel photos, too. This could be your favorite hotels or restaurants, family travel tips, airline tips, money saving travel secrets, great travel gadgets you can’t live without, travel safety and warnings, tips for traveling with your pets - - anything about travel that you'd love to share.

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Whether you’ve gone down the road less traveled or the road most traveled, you’ve probably seen the sights both on and off the beaten path and even lived like the locals while visiting a U.S. city or a foreign land. Maybe you have even learned a bit of the local language and culture like I did in Beijing and Baden Baden. You’ve also collected colorful memories along with tons of stories to Tweet about and tell your friends back home with great travel photos to post on Facebook. Now it’s time to share your knowledge of travel with other people who either love to travel or dream about traveling the world like you do.

Just as I get my corporate travel clients’ hotels, destinations and travel services featured on television news and programs, I want to feature you and your travel experiences, money saving travel tips and much more here at, where we have visitors from over 30 countries every month.

Digital storytelling is all the rage among travelers whether it’s blogging, podcasting, or even webcasting. Although getting paid for your writing would be great and I can tell you how to create your own website out of your passion for travel just like I did, what you really want to do is to get your stories out there. Now, other people can enjoy and learn from your money saving travel tips; tips for planes, trains, and automobile travel; and your travel adventures and experiences, just like you’re learning from me. Plus, it’s great to connect with other travelers, too.

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I’d love for you to share YOUR travel tips, secrets and adventures. If you just love travel or travel a lot for business, I would love and absolutely adore for you to share your unique travel photos, tips, and stories with everyone who comes to visit me here at So, pull out your digital photos and get your very special travel stories out there. I’m so excited to get your story out there and I'm sure others who visit this site will thank you, too!

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