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Marianne Schwab, TV Travel Show Producer

For over twenty years, TV Travel Show Producer, Marianne Schwab, has been collecting money saving travel tips as a travel producer for high profile television programs and also as a road warrior of business travel.

In addition to traveling around the world, she has flown all over the country to produce and direct video shoots and live television productions. She has produced on location from the beautiful beaches in Ft. Lauderdale to Caesar's Palace on the Vegas Strip to Universal Studios Hollywood to the enchanting island of Oahu.

Marianne has gone from producing behind-the-scenes to appearing in front of the camera and on-the-air to give her insider travel secrets and advice. She is frequently interviewed by the media and quoted as a travel expert. You can follow her on Twitter @TravelProducer. Here is a collection of just some of her virtual press clippings.

Television Appearances:

Fox43 Morning News & Rebroadcast on 10PM News
WPMT-TV (Fox) - Harrisburg, PA

Travel Scams to Avoid

The Morning Blend
WFTX-TV (FOX) - Ft. Meyers, FL

Don't Get Travel Scammed
Everyone wants to find a great travel deal, but how do you spot a deal from a scam? Vacation scams cost unsuspecting travelers over $10 billion a year so what’s the truth behind deals that sound too good to be true? TV Travel Show Producer, Marianne Schwab, Joins us from Los Angeles to help us sort out how to know if the deal is real.

Great Day St. Louis
KMOV-TV (CBS) - St. Louis, MO

Mid-Day News
WNCR-TV (IND) - Raleigh, NC

Fox13 Good Day Utah
Vacation Scams
KSTU-TV (FOX) - Salt Lake City, UT

Morning News Today
Avoid Travel Scams
WIS-TV (NBC) - Columbia, SC

Travel Scams
WHAM-TV (CW) - Rochester, NY

Morning News
KGAN-TV (CBS) - Cedar Rapids, IA

Eyewitness News Monrings 5am
KBAK-TV (CBS) - Bakersfield, CA

Morning News
WIBW-TV (CBS) - Topeka, KS

Radio Interviews:

Daybreak USA
Hosted by Scott West
USA Radio Network

Afternoon Show
Hosted by B.J. Williams
WDUN-AM - Atlanta, GA

Tron Talk
Hosted by Tron Simpson
KCMN-AM - Denver/Colorado Springs, CO

Morning Talk with Diane
KSYY-FM - San Antonio, TX

Jon & Mary in the Morning
WFON-AM - Green Bay, WI

Internet Blogs/Online Features:

yTravelBlog Feature:
Introducing: TV Travel Show Producer Marianne Schwab

YOU Magazine Feature:
Are We There Yet? How to Pull Off a Successful Road Trip

YOU Magazine Feature:
Staying Connected Abroad: Saving Money on Your Cell Phone and Internet Usage Overseas

Quoted in Business Travel
Staying New Developments in Do-it-Yourself Travel by Rob Lovitt

CLIP: Before proceeding, they(airlines)would be advised to listen to the concerns of travelers, many of whom have expressed mixed feelings about self-service. “I love the convenience of printing my own boarding pass, but self-tagging luggage gives me pause for concern and opens up a Pandora’s box for misrouted and lost luggage,” said TV travel producer Marianne Schwab. “What’s next, asking passengers to engage the auto pilot?”

Larry Shannon Show

Save Up to 55% on Theme Parks

Admission fees to theme parks and local tourist attractions can really add up and max out your vacation budget, but you can save up to 55% on theme parks with Go City Cards. I've used these for several vacations and saved hundreds of dollars. Just one of my many best travel deals tips you'll find on this website.
~Marianne Schwab

Avoid Jet Lag

You're packed and ready to go on vacation, so now comes the most important issue at hand: avoiding jet lag when you arrive at your destination. A survey by Conde Naste said that 93% of travelers get jet lag but you don't have to be one of them if you use my tips.
~Marianne Schwab

Book Your Trip

Booking travel online should be quick and easy…not to mention affordable and that's why I like Expedia. Did you know that you can save up to $525 when you book your flight and hotel together at For the best deals, book 60 days or more before you travel because usually the further out you plan, the better the package rate.
~Marianne Schwab

Top Travel Mistakes to Avoid Now

I have put together a list of the top five travel mistakes people make that translate into paying too much for a vacation no matter where you book your trip (through a travel agent, airline or online).
~Marianne Schwab

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About Marianne Schwab
TV Travel Show Producer

For over twenty years, TV Travel Show Producer, Marianne Schwab, has been collecting money saving travel tips as a travel producer for high profile television programs. She has flown all over the world and produced live television productions on location from Caesar's Palace on the Vegas Strip to the beautiful island of Oahu. Read more