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Welcome to Travel Tips TV Channel. If you've explored my travel advice website, then you've seen a lot of my travel advice videos shot around the world. As I travel, I think of travel tips I want to share on relevant travel topics and shoot a short video. You can find these videos I've shot on locations around the world about travel reward programs, hidden costs of cruises, sun safety on your vacation, how clean is your hotel room, and more on pages on my travel web site. I have a link to more detailed info under each video so that you can explore the topic in depth.

Also, as TV Travel Show Producer, I interview other travel experts like the Travel Mom, Emily Kaufman; Pauline Frommer of the legendary Frommer's Travel Guides; and Rick Steves, host of one of my favorite travel shows on PBS, Rick Steves Europe.

Because I have so many travel advice articles, these videos may be difficult for you to find on my travel website so I've placed them all here (or at least most of them) on my Travel Tips TV Channel. I have also included some of my favorite travel videos that I have used on my site for certain topics that I think are quite hilarious. Do check out Carol Beers from Sunsearchers Travel Agency under The Lighter Side of Travel.

Feel free to add your travel tips and comments at the bottom of page that add to the topics I've presented. I'd love to hear your pearls of travel wisdom. I'm so glad that you found my website here at because I want to help you discover a world of ways to see the world.

I've organized my videos into this easy Travel Tips TV Channel Program Guide that will take you directly to the video topic you want to see:

Tips from The Travel Mom, Emily Kaufman

Save Money on Vacation
Money saving travel tips to
keep your summer vacation plans in full motion and travel advice for a hassle free trip for the entire

Last Minute Travel Tips
From Greater Ft. Lauderdale beach, Emily has creative last minute travel ideas that won't break the bank. Five great money saving travel tips.

Meet the Travel Experts

Author, Pauline Frommer
The Frommer Travel guide books are legendary and I interviewed Pauline about the importance of guidebooks in the online era.

Moms Vacation Dilemma
Unplugging while staying connected? Working Mother Media CEO, Carol Evans, joins me to discuss solutions to working moms' vacation dilemma.

Cruise Vacation TV

Why I Like Cruises
I like cruises because all of the hassles of an ordinary vacation are completely eliminated since a cruise is one convenient vacation package.

Hidden Costs of Cruises
Cruise vacations are a great value for a vacation, but make sure you know the hidden costs of cruising that can cost you big bucks so that you can plan your vacation budget.

Staying Connected on Cruises
We live in a 24/7 world and staying connected when you're on a cruise vacation is essential for most people these days. Here's what you need to know before you leave for your cruise.

Staying Slim at Sea
Did you know that the average weight gain on a week long cruise is eight pounds? By using the following tips, I came back from a recent cruise weighing the same weight as when I started.

Booking Shore Excursions

Booking Shore Excursions
If you booked a cruise ship vacation based on the itinerary, then in most cases you are going to want, and need, to book shore excursions for when you arrive in each port.

Book with Cruiselines Pt.1
Even if you’re an experienced traveler or cruiser, I highly recommend booking your shore excursions through your cruise line instead of booking excursions on your own.

Book with Cruiselines Pt.2
I interviewed Laverne DePaul on board the MSC Poesia. There are good reasons to book your excursions through the cruiseline.

MSC Poesia Ship Tour
I have very fond memories of my 10-day Western Caribbean cruise with my sister, Trina, on board the MSC Poesia. I want to share this special ship with you, too.

Vacation Sun Safety
I absolutely love taking a sunny excursion when I travel and that's why I want you to know my sun safety tips for a vacation day in the sun.

Excursion: Coba Mayan Ruins
During my 10-day Western Caribbean cruise, we stopped in Cozumel, Mexican and I climbed to highest point in the Mexican Yucatan.

Travel Tips for Rewards & Upgrades

Travel Loyalty Pays
Participating in credit card reward programs and travel loyalty programs are a great way to get deeply discounted and even free vacations. You really can travel for free around the world if you use my travel advice.

Ask for Early Hotel Check-In
Did you get to your vacation destination early? Well, many hotels will let you check-in early if rooms are available. Need to extend your check-out? Many hotels will let you do that to. Always ask.

Hotel Travel Tips

Is Your Hotel Room Clean?
Hotel rooms are basically public places, they may not have been cleaned properly and you are sort of “sharing” them with previous hotel guests. Find out what you need to know before you settle in.

Hotel Safety
One of the biggest travel safety mistakes many people make when they're staying at a hotel on a vacation or business trip is thinking that their hotel room is safe and secure when they leave the room.

Travel Safety Tips

Pickpockets & Thieves
Dodging pickpockets and thieves on vacation is just part of travel abroad and I have an important travel safety tip from Vatican City.

Rick Steves - Travel Safety
Travel Show Host, Rick Steves, has great travel safety tips from his presentation at the L.A. Times Travel & Adventure Show.

More Travel Tips from Around the World

Rain Forest Essentials
From the Costa Rican rain forest, I have tips for your vacation excursion whether you're in the tropics or one of the world's rain forests.

Road Trip Tip
There is nothing more fun than an old-fashioned road trip. Start early, avoid rush hour and spend less time on the road.

The Far Lighter Side of Travel TV

Carol Beers, Sunsearchers Travel Agency

I am a big fan of the Little Britain, the BBC Comedy Sketch show. David Walliams and Matt Lucas are the comic genius behind this program. Though, I admit, that some of their humor is way too raunchy for my tastes, most of what they create is absolute brilliance. I want to introduce you now to Carol Beers, who may very well be the worst travel agent in the history of travel agents. I use certain videos of her throughout my travel web site. I hope you enjoy the comedy stylings of David and Matt as much as I do.

Booking Shore Excursions
Carol's Travel Tip #1:

Always book excursions in advance.

Trip Insurance
Carol's Travel Tip #2:

Travel Insurance is a good idea.
Just don't get SunSearcher's policy.

Are Cruises for You?
Carol's Travel Tip #3:

Not every cruise may be your cup of tea, like a Russian cargo ship. Determine what kind of cruise is for you.

Special Meal Requests
Carol's Travel Tip #4:

Before you travel, find out what meals, if any, an airline provides. Vegetarian meals aren't as difficult to get as Carol makes it sound.

More Funny Travel Satire Videos

Airline Safety Video
Mad TV produced a fabulous satire on additional airline charges back in 2007 - before airlines started charging for checked luggage and much more but had started charging for meals and things.

United Hates Guitars
In July 2009, Dave Carroll wrote United Breaks Guitars because United refused to take accountability for breaking a guitar he was forced to check as luggage. One of YouTube's greatest hits, it caused an instant media frenzy.

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Avoid Jet Lag

You're packed and ready to go on vacation, so now comes the most important issue at hand: avoiding jet lag when you arrive at your destination. A survey by Conde Naste said that 93% of travelers get jet lag but you don't have to be one of them if you use my tips.
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Book Your Trip

Booking travel online should be quick and easy…not to mention affordable and that's why I like Expedia. Did you know that you can save up to $525 when you book your flight and hotel together at For the best deals, book 60 days or more before you travel because usually the further out you plan, the better the package rate.
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Top Travel Mistakes to Avoid Now

I have put together a list of the top five travel mistakes people make that translate into paying too much for a vacation no matter where you book your trip (through a travel agent, airline or online).
~Marianne Schwab

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