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Working Moms Vacation Dilemma:

Afraid Taking a Vacation Could Cost Your Job?
Get Solutions to Stay Connected on Your Trip

There are 26 million mothers in the workforce who work hard and need a vacation. However, with increasing demands of today’s 24/7 business world, moms find that unplugging from the office while on vacation may be very difficult. Carol Evans, President of Working Mothers Media, literally wrote the book on WorkLife balance and shared some of her simple tips for working moms to conquer pre-vacation jitters and post-vacation blues by managing a perfect vacation while away from the office with TV Travel Show Producer, Marianne Schwab for Best Travel Deals Tips.

Dilemma: Working Moms Find it Difficult to Take a Vacation. According to Carol, the thought of returning from vacation to stacks of files, tons of emails, and unanswered voicemails in today’s 24/7 business world makes many working moms not want to leave for a vacation. And in today’s economy, many women are afraid to leave on a a vacation as they’re concerned they could loose their job because of the demands put on them with heavier work loads since they’ve seen their departments and companies down sized and have had to pick up that slack. Nonetheless, a well-rested worker is a productive one so you do need to take that vacation since taking a vacation will help you increase your productivity. The good news is that many companies are now seeing the value of this as well.

The Biggest Vacation Challenges Facing Working Moms Have Solutions. A recent survey conducted by Working Mother Magazine indicates that scheduling a vacation is always a bit of a juggling act since 63% of working moms must weave their vacation days around school calendars and jobs.

Also, 75% of most working moms find they’re checking in with work one-to-two times every day while they’re on vacation and they should find out in advance about travel technology options are available to them and if they're traveling abroad, they need to research cell phone usage abroad . Naturally, it’s important for moms to find the right vacation destination that gives them the tools to stay connected without taking away from too much vacation time. Carol Evans recommends that with a little preparation, you can save yourself a lot of time, heartache and headaches on both ends of your trip and choosing the right hotel has everything to do with that. One hotel that really caters to the needs of working moms in these situations is Country Inns & Suites. Not only do they have WiFi and business centers where moms can stay connected and handle light work even while hanging at the pool with the kids, but they also have full kitchens to save on meals, a Read & Return Lending LibrarySM, and every morning, moms never have to worry about making breakfast as there is always a hot breakfast provided so you know the kids are starting the day right. This summer, Country Inns & Suites also has great ways to save on your vacation.

Getting Your Family On Board for Checking in with the Office on Vacation. Even if you have to check-in with the office while on vacation, Carol says that it is essential that you limit the time that you are working to no more than 30 minutes a day. Also, while you have to work and check-in on emails, let the kids get some one-on-one time with their Dad so that will feel special and the kids won’t feel short changed. If your husband also has to check in with the office, make sure he schedules that task during “Mom’s” one-on-one time with the kids.

But do put parameters on the time you spend checking in and staying connected with the office since 62% of moms who had to do some sort of work while on vacation felt short changed themselves and remember, you are on vacation.

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Staying Connected to Work without Losing Your Vacation. Even when you’re staying a great hotel destination to stay connected, it’s important to remember, you did NOT go on vacation to spend the entire time away working which completely defeats the purpose of taking a vacation in the first place. 93% or working moms are checking in on emails and 42% are taking business calls and even participating in conference calls while on vacation. However, knowing that you have a hotel at your destination that allows you to check in and stay connected while you’re away really does help you conquer those pre-vacation jitters and post-vacation blues by managing important emails and perhaps some voice mails, by connecting 30 minutes a day so that you’re not so overwhelmed when you return. What’s the upside to staying connected on vacation? Working Mother Magazine’s survey indicates that 73% of working moms felt they had a smoother re-entry at the office when they got back from vacation, just by checking emails once a day.

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