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International Vacations:
Destination Resource Guide

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for Planning Your Vacation

At Best-Travel-Deals-Tips.com, we have assembled a comprehensive list of great travel web sites specializing in International Vacation Destinations by travel experts in these locations.

Although, I recommend the following travel web sites for locating great info for your international destination vacation, these sites are not under the control of Best-Travel-Deals-Tips.com. While I do my best to assure the quality of the sites I refer you to, I am not able to continually monitor all of the travel sites as well as I would like to. Therefore Best-Travel-Deals-Tips.com cannot be held responsible for any of the content on the travel sites that we provide for you to additionally research your destination. Please browse at your own discretion and enjoy travel information on these web sites.

Planning Your International Trip. With our information below on international vacation destinations, I hope that you'll find great vacation planning information for planning your trip. When you plan your international trip, the first order of business is to make sure you have a valid passport. Second, in addition to the travel info sites I recommend below in our Guide to International Vacation Destinations, Lonely Planet is a great source for guide books for your vacation abroad with it's commitment to providing the best information for travelers.

Get good guide books. My friend, Stuart, has traveled all around the globe and he won't get on an airplane without his "Travel Bible," a Lonely Planet guide book for the country he's visiting. He once found a retired Sea Captain's house for our group of friends to stay in on Cape Cod for one of the most memorable weekend getaways I ever had complete with great restaurants, great beaches, and whale watching. Thirteen of us rented a van from New York City and drove to Cape Cod for the weekend. We had so much fun and Stuart planned the entire trip with his trusty Lonely Planet guide book. I think it's great that the authors of these guide books are not allowed to accept free accommodation or meals in exchange for favorable write-ups, so their recommendations are honest and objective.

Just in case you want a wider selection of travel guides, like Frommer's and others, then check out eBooks.com. You may also be able to pick up a copy of the latest bestseller to read on your long flight overseas so you can get new releases from eBooks.com. If you prefer to listen to books, like I do on my mp3 player, then let me connect you with my favorite source for audio books. For a limited time, you can Get Your First 3 Months at Audible.com for $7.49/month! On my last cruise, I downloaded Unemployed Millionaire written by Matt Morris, a friend of mine. I listened to it everyday when I worked out in the fitness center. Matt's story is incredible and you should definitely find out how he went from living out of his car to making seven figures.

Tips for Booking Your International Trip Online. When booking your vacation online, remember that you can save hundreds of dollars by booking your airfare, hotel, and car rental as a package. You may also want to compare prices with Expedia. There are no Expedia Change or Cancel Fees on hotels, cruises, cars and more.

If you're planning a road trip to explore Europe or another country when you get to your international vacation destination, then check out our road trip travel tips. When I'm traveling in Europe, I love to travel by train, but the secret to getting the best deals on your train fare is to purchase your rail pass before you go so check out Rail Europe specials and promotions to save. My sister and I got at three-day rail pass with a two-day car rental through Rail Europe for a great price when we went to France several years ago. With this special deal, we also went to Germany and Switzerland so Rail Europe is a great way to travel. Also, splurge and get a first class ticket. It's not that much more and you get a cool "room." Make sure you budget for car insurance if you rent a car in Europe or abroad. Your U.S. car insurance policy will NOT cover you abroad. In countries like Mexico, you can get thrown in Mexican jail if you're involved in a car accident without car insurance so plan for this expense when you rent a car internationally.

Staying Connected and Cell Phones. In today's 24/7 world, you may need to stay connected to the U.S. while you're traveling abroad, so make you find out everything you need to know about using your cell phone abroad. I've researched this topic in depth, so take a look at my tips for staying connected with the U.S. for less while you're out of the country.

Travel Vaccinations: Before you go on on any international vacation or business trip, you need to know the medical risks to the country you're visiting. At the very minimum, I recommend you take a small medical kit with your country's over-the-counter medications for common ailments like headaches, cold, flu, upset stomach, and diarrhea. But you also need to educate yourself on vaccinations you'll need at least six to eight weeks before you travel so check out our article on travel vaccinations.

Finally, if your planned international vacation destination is not listed below, then check out our worldwide tourism offices resource as it's extremely comprehensive.

Have fun planning your vacation and exploring the many wonderful destinations the world has to offer.

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Ontdek Kenya Safaris

I love this family travel site! Kenya tour operator of non-package nature safaris; specialty walking holidays, bird watching, photography and responsible wildlife viewing away from mass tourism. If you've ever dreamed of an African safari, this web site is packed with great info.



Anguilla Beaches
Insider travel tips are the best and my travel colleague, Nori Evoy, visited all 33 Anguilla beaches during the 30 days when she first vacationed in Anguilla. Now she's a full-time resident so her guide is the most trusted source for planning Anguilla vacation online and her blog will keep you updated on the latest Anguilla travel trends.


australian outback guideRita's Australian Outback Guide
The Outback Guide offers track descriptions, driving tips, accommodation and tours. Communicate in the readers' section with your stories, questions and photos.


Rio de Janeiro Travel Information
If you're looking for a comprehensive Rio de Janeiro travel information and guide, then you have come to the right place. What awaits you in Brazil are the beautiful Ipanema and Copacabana beaches, a cosmopolitan city with a vibrant nightlife, fantastic restaurants, many outdoor activities, urban forests and numerous sightseeing excursions.




Galapagos Islands & Ecuador Guide
When I was at Runaway with the Rich & Famous, I produced a travel feature with super model Margeaux Hemingway on her visit to the Galapagos Islands. My travel colleague, Eduardo Landázuri (Zuri), has a fantastic online guide loaded with photos of the land that time forgot plus info for planning a trip of a lifetime to these special islands.



Paris Walking Tours
Private guided walking tours at a reasonable price.A wealth of current, practical information on Paris. Orientation, history, art, culture, and maps helping you make the most of your Paris stay. Insights and tips from a long time resident.



Insider tips about Germany
The Germany Insider Facts Guide is your best online resource for the most interesting facts about Germany whether you want to travel in Germany or learn about German customs and traditions, this collection of Germany facts reveals many insider secrets.



South India Destinations
Southern India is an enchanting land of many ancient cultures and heritage, and sun drenched sand and sea, in the southern tip of the country, lapped by Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal. Find out great information on South India attractions, South India Culture and Heritage, Medical Tourism, Yoga and more.


Indonesia Travel Information
If you are planning the vacation or adventure of a lifetime, honeymoon or wanting to retire in paradise look no further. Let Indonesia travel information.com be your guide to Indonesia.



My Secret Northern Ireland Travel Guide
We love the place. We love the history, the landscape, the attractions, the people. Come we will show you around!



Israel Travel
Israel is the spiritual center for Jews all over the world. Christian and Muslims also consider this land sacred according to their beliefs. It has become common practice for many Churches or Synagogues to promote a visit to Israel, the Holy Land or in Hebrew “Eretz Hakodesh” to renew the links with this ancestral land. My colleague, Eddy, at Israel-Travel-Experiences.com, lives in Israel and has compiled a comprehensive guide to beautiful country. If you're planning a Holy Land Tour, this site has many different itineraries to fit your religious beliefs.



Tourist Attractions in Italy
Filled with lots of attractive travel information, towns, monuments, parks, flights, sport, hotels and restaurants, tourist centers, cruises, beaches and everything you want to know to plan our vacation to Italy .


Lake Garda Italy
Lake Garda Italy is a great place for sport and vacation. You will enjoy your time visiting fascinating Towns and Villages. Travel information about things to do and to see on Lake Garda Italy, hotels and restaurants, nice sailing spots, favorite beaches, local shopping, night life...



Provide relevant information about types of safaris in Kenya, national parks guide, types of animals to see while on safari, what to expect as well as facts about Kenya, its people and their culture.



Tokyo Made Simple at TokyoTopia
Are you planning a visit to Tokyo? Feeling daunted at the idea of finding your way around? It's a scary prospect for the first time visitor so get some insider help for your Japan vacation at TokyoTopia -- your number one online resource for planning your trip to Tokyo.



The Malaysian Explorer!
Get all the essential information and latest facts about Malaysia. I make it a point to update these information frequently. You may use it to plan the perfect holiday here or just simply to know the country and its people better.



Car Rental Netherlands
Also known as Holland, Netherlands is a beautiful Dutch country with a colorful ambiance so you'll want to rent a car to explore the country. Car Rental Netherlands provides some of the major car brands to suit all types of vehicle preferences, from economical to luxury cars. They also have a wide variety of locations across the country for pick up points.



Panama Adventures & Guided Tours
Nobody knows Panama better than Barefoot Panama. They offer guided tours (in English or Spanish) specially designed to include the very best of Panama, explore deserted islands, experience indigenous cultures in the Comarca Kuna Yala or in Soberania National Park. Soak up the sun on Panama’s Pacific and Atlantic coast beaches and islands. You’ll hike virgin forests in Panama’s mountains and national parks all while being amazed by the abundant wildlife.


Russia Ukraine

Russia Ukraine Travel Alternative
Get your Russia travel info from the source. Consult independent Russian guides and interpreters from over 60 cities throughout Russia, Ukraine and the former Soviet Union.



Phuket Travel Secrets
Everything you need to know about traveling in Phuket, from a traveler's perspective, not a travel agent's. Are you looking for some Phuket Travel Secrets and some great tips, or maybe both? This travel web site gives you tips about Phuket you can't get anywhere else.


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