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Low Cost Airfare

Being Flexible is the Secret to Travel Deals

In what circumstance do airlines literally extort you on airfare prices? When you're in a rush or when you need a ticket on a specific day, right? Well, there's a little known resolution to both of these scenes which can save you bundles of cash.

It's an unusual company called Airtech, and if you haven't heard of them, you really should continue on. Airtech provides some of the lowest airfare prices available on both domestic and intercontinental travel. "How can they possibly do that?" you challenge. Standby seating is the key.

You can find the best airfare when you're flexible. You are able to get huge airfare discounts through Airtech because when they sell you a ticket it's not for an exact day. Rather, it's for a particular period of time which is mostly around 48 hours but can be up to 4 days. So, instead of owning a ticket for a definitive flight, you receive a ticket which promises to get you on a flight sometime during that 4 day period. Or, you get your money back.

Think it's crazy? Well, so is paying $600 or $800 more than you need to for a plane ticket to Europe. Or Hawaii. Or New York. Heck, for the wad of cash you can save, you can afford to return to the airport again if you don't score a flight on the first day.

Undoubtedly, this course won't work if you have to attend an important meeting the following day. But, if you're a student going to hitchhike across Europe or an adventurous traveler desiring a two-week Hawaiian respite, what's a day or two left out on either end? The hostel will still be right there when you pull in. Or, even if you end up having to bear the cost for an extraneous night at your hotel, it's still probably less costly than spending full retail price for your flight.

It actually pays to be flexible. And now the positively terrific part of it: You seldom are forced to standby! In my experience, every time I've traveled through them I was able to ride on the first flight in the window. EVERY time! I know, that's simply my observation, and I know that they can't promise the same outcome to everybody. But, personally, I've been able to take flights with less inconvenience than some of the popular carriers. And, the low cost airfare is just a double bonus.

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It's possible to attain low cost airfare even when you're rushed. One more first-rate hallmark of Airtech is that they can usually acquire for you a cheap flight for the following day.

We all understand that trying to find an emergency flight or a flight with no advance notice can boost the airfare price up to double or triple the normal value. But, if you give a call to Airtech, because they work only with standbys, they can very likely squeeze you onto an airplane that other airlines would have informed you was packed. And, Airtech's cost will STILL be super inexpensive, even with the no notice. If you're in a huge hurry to get somewhere, but can't find a flight, check out these guys. You might likely be very pleasantly shocked. So might your retirement fund.

Furthermore, Airtech only offers one-way tickets. Talk about getting a sense of excitement! It's a singular feeling clenching a one-way ticket to a foreign land in your sweaty little palm! Of course, if you are sure you're coming home, you can buy a one-way ticket for each leg of the trip. But, it's still exhilarating.

On the flip side, they do not have seats on flights to every location on the globe. So, if you're traveling to the middle of nowhere, they may not be able to get you to your goal. However, if you're heading to a notable city, then it only makes sense to look at their availabilities first.

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