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Tips for Finding Best Travel Deals

By Marianne Schwab | Best Travel Deals Tips Blog

Did you know that vacation packages are one of the best travel deals? You can get low prices by combining your trip components like flights and hotels. Here are a few ways you can save even more when booking your vacation.

Travel During the Off Season

Check into the off season or shoulder seasons for your vacation destination. Not only can you get lower fares when you avoid traveling during peak times, but you also don't have to fight the crowds in airports, on planes and at popular attractions when you get to your vacation spot. For example, there are great deals to Europe in the winter and the Caribbean in late summer. Also, don't forget about off seasons south of the equator since the seasons are "reversed."

Avoid Major Holidays

Holiday travel is always in high demand but prices usually drop when the demand does, so if you have to travel during a holiday, consider departures before or after the major wave coming and going. I've done this for years. I travel on Tuesday before Thanksgiving and return on the Saturday after. Also, purchase holiday airfares far in advance to get the best travel deals.

Save by Booking Saturday Overnight Stays

Many hotels and airlines offer weekend discounts so you'll find big savings if you include a Saturday night stay on your vacation. I've saved thousands of dollars on business trips by booking a weekend stay and I enjoyed sight seeing in places where time might not have permitted due to business commitments.

Best Airfares are on Mid-Week Departures

If you want to get the lowest available airfare, think about booking your departure day on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. You'll find a better selection on flights and some of the best travel deals. Also, if you're open to making a stop or connection on your flight, you might be able to save money by considering flights that stop en route. I do not recommend booking different airlines to save money since too many things can go wrong, like lost luggage.

Book 60 Days in Advance

Most of the time, the early birds get the best travel deals. You want to book your vacation package about 60 days or more before you travel, but don't book too early either (depending on your location). In many cases, you'll get the better package rate by booking far in advance but occasionally you'll find package prices will be dropped if inventory isn't moving. out you plan, the better the package rate. Browse Vacation Pack. If that happens, see if you can get your rate dropped.

Book Good Travel Deals When You Find Them

When you see a good travel deal, don't wait but be quick to snatch it up as soon as possible before the deal goes away. I see this happen frequently. Travel inventory changes constantly for both air and hotel so a good deal might not be available if you spend too much time thinking about it.

Be Flexible and Save

When booking a vacation package, you'll find the best travel deals if you can be flexible with your travel dates. Check the days (or weeks, if possible) before and after your first choice of vacation days. Sometimes a small tweak on your travel dates can save you a lot of money.

Book Your Trip Online with Trusted Travel Sites

Check out Expedia Vacation deals. Every week, Expedia's travel experts bring them deals for select destinations. You can save up to $525 when you book your flight and hotel together at The best travel deals do vary, but you can often find savings as high as 30% to 40% on your vacation package just by purchasing during one of their special promotion.

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Booking travel online should be quick and easy…not to mention affordable and that's why I like Expedia. Did you know that you can save up to $525 when you book your flight and hotel together at For the best deals, book 60 days or more before you travel because usually the further out you plan, the better the package rate.
~Marianne Schwab

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