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Packing for Vacation Tips:
Keep it Simple

No matter if you are packing for a long or short trip, whether for business or pleasure, a time-saving way to begin is to make and use a list. Using a list, it will be easy to check off all items to ensure nothing is left behind and all items are absolutely necessary. Include the list in your luggage as a handy guide for not forgetting things when repacking.

Mix and Match to Maximize Wardrobe Options

When deciding on items of clothing to pack, mixing and matching clothing saves space and tends to reduce the number of outfits actually needed. If possible, select one or two pairs of shoes which coordinate with the majority of outfits.

A Word on Travel Gadgets

Another important rule is don't be fooled by the myriad of travel gadgets out there. Not only do many of these not perform properly they take up packing space. A simple rule to consider is: if it's not a smaller version of something you absolutely can't live without while on the road, then don't pack it. One travel item that is of utmost importance though are clear and unique baggage tags. A unique tag makes it easier to spot your luggage on busy, fast-moving carousels when tired after a long haul flight.

Scan Important Documents

Scanning important data such as passport, ID photos, paper tickets and other travel documents into an email account like Yahoo or Hotmail can be very useful and easily accessible should the need arise.

It is also helpful to include the numbers to report loss for mobile phones, credit cards, travelers checks and your travel insurance policy.

When packing these items distribute them between bags and do not include all of them, especially cash, in your carry-on bag.

Organize Suitcase with Plastic Bags

Packing clothing in plastic easy-to-open bags organizing either by outfit, or item such as socks, underwear, etc. optimizes space and affords ease in the event of luggage inspection. If traveling with others, distributing one bagged outfit for each person among your party's bags avoids luggage-arrival mishaps. Plastic bags should be used for personal care items with these items contained in small regulation-size containers and clearly labeled. Purchasing many of these items in travel size, will save inspection time as well as valuable space.

Don't Forget Travel Insurance

Travel and health insurance is definitely a must-take item. Some companies include some medical coverage with the travel insurance to provide for emergency medical care, physician consulting, treatment and prescription drug reference access. Travel insurance also offers protection for ticket loss, flight delay and any accidents while aboard public transportation. Ensure that you find the most acceptable coverage required for your requirements and have a great trip.

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Producer's Note: Ian has some great packing tips. I also follow @Heather_Poole on Twitter. Heather is a flight attendant and the New York Times featured how she packed for 10-days with a carry-on suitcase.

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