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Five Bargaining Tips

for Getting Deals When Traveling the World

Not all countries will bargain and barter the same way, but it's essential for people to learn how to do it successfully in order to get the best deal. Most Americans are not familiar with some of these concepts because we are conditioned to enter a store and buy at the retail price.

If only we knew the skills that so many others knew around the world, we could get better discounts wherever we go. Here are the 5 essential tips you need when haggling for an item you're interested in purchasing.

Tip 1: The Power of Walking Away

You don't have to marry the first product just because you walked in a store. Unless, it's the only product of its kind, you can always shop around. If you stay in a store, chat with the seller, and don't have the guts to walk away, then they know you're invested in the item and you aren't leaving until you've bought it. Walking away lets the shop owner know that you don't have to give them your dollars, so they are more than likely to price a better deal before you've left the shop.

Tip 2: Don't Act Too Interested

You're obviously a little interested in the product, or you wouldn't stay in the store, but don't run up to the item and announce, "I've always wanted one of these!" If you do, the seller knows they've got you and may mark up the price. No price is completely in stone. Deals can be done. It's better for them if they allow you to assume that prices are fixed.

Tip 3: Barter in the Local Currency

Before you leave the airport, know the exchange rate and do a little research on the cost of common goods. How much is food? How much would that rug or necklace typically be for locals if they bought that same product? Do not barter in dollars unless you are getting a way better deal. Do not even show them your dollars or they will assume you're a stinking rich American who can afford everything.

Tip 4: Don't Hold the Item

When we hold items, we contemplate ownership. Sellers know this psychological exercise and that's why any deal you give them will be of little consequence. They know you're hooked because you examined the item, held it up to your skin, and it's "yours" emotionally. Standing at a distance and looking at an item will help you far better than touching it will do you good.

Tip 5: Look at Other Shops before Buying

You need to look around if you're on a busy street with plenty of vendors. If you're a tourist, almost all of the shops will have the exact same item, so you will have your pick for who wants to bargain for your business. Shop around and see the variety in the stores. You may find them in different sizes or colors, but they're basically the same thing. Shop around and come back if you must, but don't plant your money in one store before checking out the market.

Guest Blogger: Rachel Duhon writes a blog and inspirational guides that help people travel, live their dreams, and pursue their passions from anywhere in the world. To read more about Rachel and her articles, check out her latest website and learn more about Travel Adventures, where she offers informative and inspirational articles and products.

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