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The rule of light packing is a must when you are traveling alone, but it does not mean you leave behind essential items while traveling. So here are some items to make sure to bring along.

Travel First Aid Kit

Even if you are traveling to a city or to a place where medical supplies are guaranteed to be within a minute's reach, still you should not leave your home without a basic First Aid kit. You don't have to go out and buy one; a Ziploc pouch will do fine. The items to pack include some antiseptics, band-aids, cotton swabs, a small roll of bandage, and some basic medicine like pain killers. But if you are traveling to a remote place, it is better to go for travel first aid kits that come with these items and much more, and ones that are arranged in neat compartments. They are easy to pack. Also, don't forget your medications if you have any medical condition.

Passport Holder

While traveling to a foreign country, your passport is the most vital document you carry. So make sure you take a passport holder with you to place it in, to keep it safe. You can choose from a simple leather passport jacket that has space for your passport in one side and slot for currency and other travel documents in the other. If you are a frequent flyer, go for little bigger ones that have space for credit cards, tickets, and even a hidden traveler's check holder.

Travel Alarm Clock

This is another item you shouldn't leave your home without no matter where you are going. Small and compact, it fits perfectly even in your backpack. Both price and design vary, so choose one within your budget. You can choose a simple clock if your budget is low or go for those clocks that come with such features as digital frame.

Automobile Organizer

If you are traveling with your own car, this is a must-have travel accessory. The most basic ones will have space for your driving license, insurance and other such cards; while others come with slots for your tire gauge, flashlight, maps and handbooks.


If you are carrying a laptop, this is one item you should not leave home without. They are great when flying long distance and you have work to catch up on. An adapter becomes essential when you are travelling to Europe from US as there are many places on Europe that use DC current and your AC adapter may not work in them.

Insect Repellent

A must accessory when you are going to camp or to tropical countries which are known to have insect problem especially mosquito. There can be two types of such repellents; once a cream which you apply on your exposed body parts and another spray. The spray will be effective indoors while for outdoor activities, the former is a must. Better option can be those that also have sun protection in-built to it. So if you use that, you may not have to use a sunscreen lotion or cream. This is especially great for men as most of them seldom carry such skin care product.

Noise Reduction Headphones

This again will come in handy while travelling on long-distance flights. Sleep in such a journey becomes impossible due to the sound of the aircraft. But with noise reduction headphones, you can easily shut out the world as you take a nap.

The list of must-have travel accessories will change with the purpose of your travel. But most of these will always be needed no matter what the reasons for your travel are.

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