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Five Money Saving Tips When Traveling

Saving money while traveling takes discipline, planning, and doing without a few things. Is it an appropriate exchange for such an adventure? Of course! Everyone wants to save money these days, but many use the excuse that they can't travel because it's too expensive. Yes, it's true. Traveling is more expensive than sitting home eating take out every night wondering why your life sucks. People, who chose different paths, choose the travel options that allow them to do what they want and to go where they want. There are just a few important big choices to keep in mind before you take the leap.

Food Choices when Traveling

You could eat at expensive restaurants or you could try the local cuisine from grocery stores, markets, or sidewalk vendors. It's up to your discretion once you arrive in a new city, but some of the best meals are made by sharing with the local people in their homes. Plus, going to the grocery store or markets can provide a unique insight into the likes and wants of the people.

Housing Options

There are plenty of inexpensive, clean accommodations if you know how to research properly. When conducting Internet research, check out the dates of reviews and whether hotels or hostels continue to maintain updated websites. There are plenty of free options such as Couch Surfing or staying with a local family. There are even programs that allow you to stay with a family and receive free meals and a place to sleep while you teach the family English lessons. It's a great way to have a place to sleep while meeting the locals.

You Don't Always Have to Fly or Take a Taxi

Who says you always have to buy a plane ticket? My husband and I took a bus to Rio de Janiero during Carnival for $120 for the both of us when an airline ticket would have been 7 times more than what we paid for. There are plenty of cheaper buses, trains, and even ferry or boat rides to get you where you need to be. You may have to pay for the initial ticket, but don't always assume flying and taxis are the best methods for getting somewhere. Many of the locals will use the bus, train, and metro system and they're usually way cheaper than taxis.

Don't Buy Junk

I have many mottos when it comes to traveling, but one of my biggest is not to buy t-shirts with the name of the country you went to. First of all, if you wear it in other countries, people will assume you're a tourist. Secondly, as an avid resale shopper, I know that tons of these t-shirts end up on the racks of a resale shop. No one wants to admit that they're a waste of money, but they are. If you want to buy something with the name of the city you visited, make it a small item like a magnet or something that looks like it was made there. You don't want to buy a gadget thinking it is "native" when it was made in another country. Don't waste your money. Buy something useful and beautiful, and don't buy junk. Make some memories with that cash instead.

Pack Appropriately

I once had a raging headache in the Caribbean, and I knew I forgot my first aid kit back home. When I went to the local drugstore, for tourists of course, there was my Tylenol priced at $12 when it would have been $2 or $3 back home. If you don't pack what you need, you'll end up buying it for too much money when you're traveling. I have often been saved by packing and planning ahead.

It's possible to save money when traveling. If you want to go on an elaborate trip, I'm totally cool with that. Just don't put it all on your credit card and then become upset because you couldn't have your trip and pay for it too. There's no excuse not to have a fun time and meet some new people just because you didn't know how to do it. These tips can help you tremendously if you open your mind to new experiences and try something that is different and just might save you some cash for more trips.

Guest Blooger: Rachel Duhon writes a blog that helps people travel, live their dreams, and pursue their passions from anywhere in the world. To read more about Rachel and her articles, check out her latest website Inspire Lady, where she offers informative and inspirational articles and products.

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