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Manhattan Beach, California:

The View from My Bicycle

By Marianne Schwab | Best Travel Deals Tips Blog

Manhattan Beach, California, has one of the most beautiful beaches in the Los Angeles area. One of the great benefits about living in L.A. is that my backyard is a popular vacation destination so I get to vacation in my town all the time. Since I rediscovered bike riding last summer in Yosemite, I love to take my bike down to the beach and ride it on the beautiful bike path there along the Pacific Ocean.

This is one of my favorite places to ride my bike in Los Angeles and it just doesn't get any better than zipping along at twenty miles per hour on my bicycle while feeling the ocean breeze and enjoying the view.

It's easy to get to the bike path and I park my car in a free lot in Marina del Rey and then follow the bike path all the way South to Redondo Beach. The ride is about 20 miles or so round trip and I love stopping at Manhattan Beach along the way for a short break, plus it's a local law that you must walk your bike on that particular part of the bike path (about 300 feet).

I took the photo above with my Blackberry camera but it came out fairly well given it was overcast with a marine layer at the time of my ride.

If you like this shot of Manhattan Beach, California, and the view from my bicycle, you should check out other views from my bike on fun rides in Pacific Grove, California, and Yosemite National Park.

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