29 Things I Like About
Venice, Italy

By Marianne Schwab | Best Travel Deals Tips Blog

October is a great time to visit Venice, Italy, since the weather is perfect and the streets are not packed with tourists. As I reminisce about my time spent there, here are 29 things I like about Venice, from gondolas to carnival masks:

1. Taking a water bus from the airport to the hotel.

2. Early morning walks through the city and experiencing Venice, Italy, spring alive.

3. Gazing inside Italian bakeries.

4. Sipping a cup of cappuccino along the Grand Canal.

5. Cruising the canals of Venice, Italy, with a gondolier
(I don't care how touristy it is, you're in Venice!)

6. Navigating the streets of Venice on foot and not getting lost.

7. Italian street signs pointing you in the right direction.

8. The rooftop view from my hotel in Venice, Italy - the Hotel Ca' d'Oro.

9. Greeting the locals with, "Bongiorno."

10. The view of the Rialto Bridge from a gondola in the early morning.

11. Eating pistachio gelato from a street vendor along the Grand Canal.

12. Seeing amazing historic artwork in every church you step foot in.

13. The view of St. Mark's Basilica from the St. Mark's Bell Tower.

14. Walking over endless bridges and over endless canals.

15. Seeing movie locations where Venice was featured.

16. Eating at sidewalk cafes.

17. Delicious pizza pie.

18. Seeing gondolas every where I go.

19. Fresh fruit markets.

20. Trying on carnival masks.

21. Laundry hanging from buildings like a work of art- so Old World European!

22. Watching the locals hanging out in the village squares.

23. Windows with colorful shutters and flower boxes.

24. Seeing and hearing history come alive at a Vivaldi Four Seasons concert performed by musicians in Baroque costume.

25. Dinner at sunset in a restaurant on the Grand Canal.

26. Picture menus at restaurants because I don't speak Italian.

27. Historic and beautiful water cisterns.

28. Walking everywhere!

29. Taking endless photos of a historic and magical city.

I'd love to hear about things you like about Venice, Italy, so please tell me and share your photos below.

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