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By Marianne Schwab | Best Travel Deals Tips Blog

When you think about getting around San Francisco, California, your mind usually thinks of their famous cable car as a typical mode of transport. However, on a recent trip to the city by the bay, I was surprised to see these small yellow GoCars zipping around on the hilly streets.

Introducing the GoCar GPS-Guided Tours® with the Original Storytelling Car and a unique way to experience San Francisco, California. You can forget your map, put away the guidebook, jump into a cute little yellow GoCar and then zip all over town as it takes you on a GPS-guided tour of the city. Not quite Knightrider, but your clever talking car will navigate you through the streets of San Francisco and take you to all the best sites while telling you stories that bring the city to life.

Renting a GoCar is not cheap: the first hour is $56 and range up to $210 for a whole day tour. However, taxis in San Francisco aren't cheap either and if you're splitting the fees with a friend, it may not be as bad on your travel budget and it's a whole lot of fun. We decided to do the GoCar instead of the Hop On Hop Off Bus options and loved it!

There are two locations to rent a GoCar including two in the Fisherman's Wharf area and one in Union Square, but hours do vary at each location and cars must be turned in by either dusk or 6pm (depending on the outlet).

It is highly recommended that you make a reservation at least 24-hours in advance. They offer tours in Italian, Spanish, French, German and English so let them know when you arrive to pick up your car what language you prefer your talking car to speak to you in. We nicknamed ours "Suri" since she sounded like the sister of our iPhone's "Siri."

So if you want the ultimate San Francisco treat and sightseeing experience, then you might want to rent the GoCar GPS-Guided Tours® Original Storytelling Car. You can also get a FREE full-color guidebook of San Francisco, California, when you purchase a Go City Card or Explorer Pass that will save you up to 55% on your San Francisco sightseeing adventures.

The GoCar originated in San Francisco, but they are now also available in San Diego, Miami, Barcelona, Madrid and Lisbon. I think this little two-seater GoCar looks like a fun way to explore and see the local sights in any city and the video below gives you a virtual test drive around San Francisco with George Tsioutsioulas.

Confession: I've only driven in San Francisco two or three times in my life and prefer to take cabs, BART or cable cars to get around town on my numerous trips to this city. Even though I am experienced behind the wheel of car and drive in Los Angeles daily, I find the steep hills a little scary to drive. I have actually had many nightmares (not dreams) about having to drive in that city so let's just say I avoid it as much as possible but I found the GoCar very easy and maneuverable around the streets of San Francisco and do keep in mind, steep hills will be accessible in a GoCar.

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