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By Marianne Schwab | Best Travel Deals Tips Blog

Yosemite biking is easy and you can explore Yosemite Valley in California along 12 miles of paved bike trails throughout the valley floor. Whether you're an avid cyclist or haven't been bike riding in years (like me), you'll love cycling along the paved trails of primarily flat terrain. Next to hiking, it's the most environmentally friendly way to experience Yosemite and at your own pace.

In my humble opinion, if you have only one day to spend in Yosemite Valley, then you must rent a bike for the day and tour the entire Valley.

1. Where to Rent Bikes.

You can rent bikes at two locations: The Yosemite Lodge Bike Stand located near the pool at Yosemite Lodge and at the Curry Village Bike Stand located at the Curry Village Recreation Center. At Curry Village there is a sign in front of the parking area that reads, "Bike Rentals" and it maybe next to a "Raft Rentals" sign as the rental cashiers for both activities are located side by side.

Yosemite biking means renting very basic bikes of various sizes (the kind you pedal backwards to stop - no frills - no speeds). They have bikes to fit riders of all ages and will probably take you back in time...to the 1970's. I loved that they had bikes with banana seats (and the kids loved these bikes). Since the bike paths are paved with primarily flat terrain, you'll have no problems riding these older (and well maintained) bikes with ease. You can also rent bikes with trailers if you have toddlers in tow for a little extra.

Hours are seasonal, but definitely be there by 9am during peak season if you want your pick of bikes as they seem to have an abundance of bikes for really tall people and a shortage of bikes for those bike riders five foot five and under (like me and my niece, 9, and nephew, 11).

2. How Much it Costs.

Standard bike rentals will cost either $10.00 per hour or you can rent a bike for a day for only $28. You will be asked to leave an I.D. and will be charged an all day rate if you do not bring the bike back in three hours.

The all day bike rental fee is money well spent as bike riding through Yosemite Valley was one of the best vacation days I can remember - at least I put it in the Top Ten List of Fun Vacation Days Ever.

Bikes with trailers are also available for $16.50 per hour with all day rates available.

Bike rental fees include the rental of a safety helmet as well. If you are renting the bike for the day, then observe the seasonal hours for the latest time to return your bike.

3. Planning the Perfect Day of Bike Riding

Although there are several places in Yosemite Village and Curry Village to pick up a bite to eat while enjoying a day of Yosemite biking, I recommend packing a picnic in your backpack and enjoy your meal at a lovely picnic spot.

You do need to be careful, though, when you find the perfect spot. Squirrels and even black bears have been spotted and reported to have snatched a lunch or back pack here and there.

We rode our bikes up to Mirror Lake, into Yosemite Village, and then to the Lower Yosemite Falls (which included a nice hike). We parked our bikes at bike stands or just under trees to stop and explore special spots.

The park representative at the bike rental location said that there is not a problem with bicycle theft in the park where rented bikes are concerned. I certainly enjoyed this throw back to a bygone era of not having to be concerned about your bike being stolen. She said that if your bike does go missing, someone may have mistaken your rental bike for their rental bike so make sure you remember the number of your rental bike painted on the top bar so you take the correct bike. On a safety note though, it's always wise if you bring your own bike that you lock it and take necessary precautions.

4. Be a Courteous Rider.

Be sure to obey all the biking rules of the road and be courteous to those walking on the bike paths. Unfortunately, the paved bike paths are used by hikers/walkers as well so make sure you give a courteous call out, "Approaching on the left," when you come upon foot traffic or get off and walk your bike in heavily populated pedestrian areas.

Also, to help protect Yosemite National Park in California, please ride your bike on paved paths only. Should you decide to explore unpaved paths on foot and hike it, bike racks are available throughout Yosemite Valley.

Bike riding in Yosemite National Park in California was one of the most fun vacation days I have ever had. I forgot how much fun it was to be on a bike and about a month after I returned home, I purchased my first bike in twenty years. Since that time about six months ago, I've put over 1200 miles on that bike and re-discovered an activity I love and that does not even feel like exercise because it's so much fun!

In addition to Yosemite biking, we have more more Yosemite Valley activities you must do on this website to make sure you get the most out of your time in Yosemite National Park.

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