Best Travel Movie:
Around the World in 60 Seconds

By Marianne Schwab | Best Travel Deals Tips Blog

And the award for the best travel movie that goes around the world in sixty seconds goes to Rick Mereki. This YouTube video went viral a few years ago and it's back making the rounds on Facebook and other social media.

As a travel producer, I am very impressed by this travel movie in it's simplicity and brilliance.  Mereki traveled to eleven countries in 44 days and shot enough video to make three very short and captivating videos: EAT, LEARN, MOVE. 

And it is MOVE that is absolutely amazing and fun to watch. Take a look below.  You'll travel to eleven countries in just sixty seconds.

How to Make Your Own Home Movie Version of MOVE.  This short travel video should inspire you to see what's possible when you shoot video on your next trip.  You don't have to vacation in a ton of countries to achieve this type of video for your next vacation.  Shoot the same type of sequence in each location you visit but always stay in the center of the frame.  You can shoot this with the kids walking toward camera to in every shot at different locations. 

Don't forget to also pick up shots walking from left of frame to right of frame.  You don't have to use the same sort of fast cut editing style used in MOVE, but if you watch this short video a few times, you'll easily see how you can make your own version of MOVE on your next vacation.  You could also just do this type of video in your hometown.  I love the directorial concept.  Simple.  Brilliant.

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