Taking the Stress of Out Travel:

10 Ways to Have
a Vacation Adventure to Remember

By Patrick Boswell | Contributing Author

Whether you are planning a road trip across America, flying out of the country or only traveling a state away, it is vital that you do all you can to make the trip as exciting and yet well planned as possible. After all, there are as many things that can "go wrong" as there are ways to thwart them from happening. Of course, no amount of planning can totally prevent there from being any unexpected nuances of travel from occurring, but with some preventative actions, there are many concerns that can be avoided.

1. Before you go, do your homework. Know the best routes (as well as an alternative one in the case of a detour) to get you from point A to point B. If traveling with kids, you may even want to print out a map of the trip that allows them to mark off where you have traveled so that they will have no reason to ask, "Are we there yet?"

2. As part of your homework, make a list of the attractions along the way that you want to visit. Be sure to figure the time spent at those locations into your itinerary if you are expected at a specific spot by a particular time.

3. Pack Small Items in Shoes. Have small items to pack such as jewelry, medication or travel sized bottles of shampoo/conditioner? Pack them in the toe of your shoes then place in your luggage.

4. If you wear glasses/contacts pack an extra pair. Often times, these are easily packed in your shoes which will reduce the risk of them being broken or scratched!

5. Pack a Mix and Match Wardrobe. Pack your clothes around 2-3 main colors and bring outfits that interchange easily form casual to elegant. In addition, always pack a raincoat or poncho, regardless of what the forecast says.

6. Pack childproofing items for hotel. If you are traveling with younger children and plan on staying in a hotel, be sure to pack some of the outlet covers/plug in.

7. If you happen to be traveling to a location where you do not speak the same language, take pieces of stationary or matchbooks from the hotel you are staying. If you get lost or don't know how to tell your cabby where you need to get to, just show them the picture. It is also helpful to get to area locations/attractions if you have pictures of the place that you can show when asking for help.

8. Put together a travel notebook. This notebook should contain copies of medical and auto insurance cards, credit card account numbers and phone numbers, everyone's medical information, contact numbers in the case of an emergency, a copy of passports (if applicable) and any other information that may be needed should the unexpected happen.

9. Take precautions when traveling with your pets in tow. Some of these include:

• Making sure that there is plenty of ventilation.
• Bringing along current copy of your pet's health certificate from the veterinarian.
• Making sure that the accommodations you choose allow pets; if they do, be considerate of others and be sure to clean up behind your pet.

10. Don't carry large amounts of cash or use big bills. Paying for an items with large bills often attracts unwanted attention. As much as possible, use traveler's checks, credit/debit cards.

Following these 10 tips will help make your travel adventures a success. You will find that you enjoy yourself even more simply because you planned ahead. Start planning your next adventure and make the memories of a lifetime!

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Producer's Note: Patrick has put together a great list of a stress free trip. I especially tip number eight and recommend that you also leave an "In Case of Emergency" folder at home for a relative or friend to have in case you need access to critical info while you're away and your travel notebook is lost or stolen.
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