Longsheng, China: Rice Terraces

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The Longsheng, China rice terraces are located near Longsheng county about 64 miles outside of Guilin. Rice terraces can be seen here and there, but it is rare to see them on such a large and extensive scale as those in Longsheng where rice terraces cover more than 40 square miles.

They are also known as the Longji Terraced Rice Fields. Longji means dragon's backbone since some think that the rice terraces resemble a dragon's scales and the summit of the mountain range looks like the backbone of the dragon. I've read that when you stand on the top of the mountain on a sunny day, you can see the dragon's backbone twisting off into the distance.

I was so excited to visit the Longsheng, China rice terraces that are a short drive from Huanglou village. It was a rainy and misty day in early May and although I would have preferred some sunshine, the mist added a special mystical ambiance to the visit. There are cement walkways, but it's recommended that you wear walking shoes that are preferably weather proof.

Your tour of the terraces will take you to elevations ranging from 300 meters to 1100 meters if you venture to the top of the village. You can expect some steep slopes, too, ranging from 26 to 50 degrees at the steepest. The village is embedded near the terraces and has wooden stairways and cement sidewalks throughout (though some areas of the walkway are not well maintained).

There are three entrances in the terrace district, Pingan Village, Longji Village and Dazhai, and tourists can get to any entrance from Guilin. The entrance fee is 50 yuan (or about US $8.00). The rice terraces are often considered to be the most beautiful in early June if you can plan your trip to this area at that time.

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