Huanglou, China - A Yao Village

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Tourists flock to Huanglou, one of thirteen villages in Longji, China, to see the Yao women dressed in their native costume. In fact, the Yao people of Huanglou are called 'Red Yao' because of their red clothing.

When you stroll through this tiny village, you will encounter many colorful displays of unique, local and handmade items for sale like the beautiful rugs, blankets and purses below.

The tiny and picturesque village of Huanglou in Southern China is perched on the banks of the Jinjiing river. It is the home of 400 villagers all from the Yao tribe (HongYao nationality) and their claim to worldwide fame lies with the women of the tribe. They are Guinness Book of World Record holders for "The Group of Girls with the Longest Hair" and are known around the world for their gorgeous and extremely long black hair (70 inches).

Villagers here still live a traditional way of life of the Yao people in large houses made of pine wood. Livestock is usually housed on the bottom floor of these homes that are more like quaint barns on the inside with large lofts.

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Here's an interesting video I found on the Huanglou that has nice shots of the little village and an interview with some local villagers about how they maintain their long raven hair:

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