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Travel Photo:
Yao Family in China with Joyful Faces

On the banks of the Jinjiing river lies the tiny village of Huanglou inhabited by just 60 families all from the Yao tribe (Hong Yao nationality) in Southern China. The women of the tribe are in the Guinness Book of World Records for their gorgeous and extremely long black hair (70 inches) and are world famous.

I snapped this photo of a joyful Yao family after a short walk through the village. This lovely woman had invited my friend, Sara, and I into her home for tea. You can see that she has her very long raven black hair wrapped around her head which is a typical style for the Yao women. She is also dressed in traditional clothing and it can take as long as three years to finish the embroidery on her native costume. She also carries a basket on her back of items she sells to people who visit Huanglou.

I love the joy and happiness that just oozes out of this photo from the baby and the man smiling.

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