Photography - China in Bloom
Flowers are Everywhere

By Marianne Schwab | Best Travel Deals Tips Blog

I visited China in early May and spring had sprung all around the city. China was in bloom and flowers were everywhere including at the Temple of Confucius in Beijing (located on Guozijian Street inside Anding Gate) where this beautiful tree just exploded with lavender flowers.

Somewhere between Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City you'll discover this lovely park where this little patch of China was in bloom and my friends and I strolled along the walkway on a beautiful spring day in Beijing.

A beautiful park surrounds the Forbidden City and we stopped here on the North side to capture this amazing view that is not a typical angle of this area. The flowers bloom with color in the lower part of the frame.

I visited Beijing a few months before the 2008 Summer Olympics and China was in bloom with flowers and topiary designs like the one above at the Summer Palace. You can see the artistic interpretation of the Olympic Rings in the round sculpted bush.

The Zhengyang Archery Tower on the south side of Tiananmen Square once guarded the southern entry into the Inner Forbidden City and was another lovely scene of China in bloom during my visit in early May.

One of my favorite times during my trip was spending several days in Guilin City and the surrounding areas in Southern China. The Guilin Bravo Hotel had just a pinch of spring color blooming in yellow.

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